A Work Appropriate Dress for Fall

fall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynking

Scallops, bows, and flattering colors, can a girl’s workwear get any better? When it comes to office attire, there’s nothing like a work appropriate dress with on-trend touches to make it stand out.

fall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynkingfall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynking

Fall Wardrobe Goals

One of my wardrobe goals this fall and winter is to invest in more work-appropriate dresses. I often rotate between a few pairs of trousers for the workday and usually find myself reaching for the same few tops to wear along with them. Now, the thing is, I love to wear dresses, and I genuinely feel the most confident when I am wearing them, so why do I continuously opt for pants? I know I’ll feel good if I love my outfit, and that’s why I’m making it a point to pick up a few dresses for the office this year.

fall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynkingfall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynking

The Benefits of Dresses

  • It’s a one-and-done outfit. You’ve probably heard me say this a dozen times. I love dresses so much because you need one piece for a complete look. (I’m hearing Ina Garten say, “How easy is that?” in my head right now.)
  • You’ll feel instantly more put-together. Maybe it’s because men can’t wear them or because they’re the oldest article of women’s clothing but, in my opinion, nothing makes me feel more feminine and chic than wearing a dress. Dresses can (1) camouflage all of the areas we are most self-conscious of, and (2) flatter in all the right places, both of which makes us feel great.
  • You’ll need only a few complimentary accessories. A watch, pair of earrings, or a simple necklace are all you need to finish your office look. Keep in mind that less is more when choosing your accessories, and you’ll have no problem creating a professional [but ladylike] ensemble.


This dress came from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale earlier this summer. The good news? It’s marked down to nearly half-off. The bad news? Sizing is extremely limited. Don’t worry though, I’ve linked several similar options below–a few of which I may even like more than this one!

Affiliate links for all outfit details are at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions about the products I’m wearing, send me an email or comment below.

Don’t forget to enter to win my favorite fall accessory! Giveaway ends this Friday!

Have a great week!

fall collared scallop dress- Wellesley & KIng-@wellesleynking

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