Winter is Here

Well, I don’t even think we hit the “winter is coming” stage of the weather; it just seemed to…show up. Friday was so beautiful that I didn’t even need a coat as I walked outside, and on Sunday there was snow on the ground. That is typical Pittsburgh weather: we can go through all of the seasons in one day. You can even see from these photos that the leaves hadn’t even fallen off the trees before the snow came.

Jcrew plaid scarf wool parkaJcrew plaid scarf wool parka

Arnie and I got up yesterday morning to go to an early movie showing before the football games started. It’s actually really nice to go to the theater that early; there are no crowds and you have your pick of seats. We saw The Edge of Seventeen which was a really sweet coming of age film. It will definitely make you laugh. Arnie and I both really enjoy going to the movies, and this is the best time of year to go: the few months leading up to the Oscars.

Jcrew plaid scarf wool parkaJcrew plaid scarf wool parka
Aside from that, we’ve been planning out the upcoming week in preparation for Thanksgiving weekend. We’re both really excited to eat so much great food! We also have our ten year high school reunion this weekend. I can’t believe that we’ve been out of high school ten years already. It feels like we only graduated last year; the years have gone by much too fast! Anyway, if there’s one thing that’s for sure about this weekend, it’s that I’ll be bundling up in lots and lots of layers. Even colder temperatures and more snow to come!

Jcrew plaid scarf wool parkaJcrew plaid scarf wool parka

Speaking of layers, I love the colors in this plaid scarf for this time of year. I like that it can be worn with both white and black and, because there is no green in it, it looks festive without looking “Christmas-y”. With all of the wind yesterday, this scarf almost wasn’t enough. For the weekend, I’ll be sure to pack gloves, too!

wool parka black hunter boots


Coat: J.Crew; Scarf: J.Crew; Jeans: Madewell; Boots: Hunter; Hat: J.Crew Factory; Bag: J.Crew (comes in so many great colors!); Lips: MAC in Film Noir


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  1. 11.21.16
    Sarah said:

    Love this look, Lauren! I totally wasn’t ready for the snow, but I admit, it was kind of nice being all warm and cozy inside this weekend. I’ve been wanting to see that movie! Nick and I are big movie fans too. We usually go on Mondays because it’s $5 and free popcorn! We should see the Edge of Seventeen one of these days.

    • 11.21.16
      Lauren said:

      No way! I had no idea that there were $5. That’s a great cheap date. Here we thought that the $6 Saturday morning showings were the best deal around. I think it was a cute movie, but there are so many coming out that we want to see. Fantastic Beasts was second on the list and I’m sure we will be seeing that too!