Why I Decided to Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Do you ever find that you have so much that you don’t even know what you have? I counted the number of items in my closet the other day and I had 125 articles of clothing, even after cleaning out my closet. It sounds like a lot, but count yours. I bet you would be surprised at how much you have as well.

I clean out my closet all the time, yet I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of items in it, which made me wonder if I was approaching the situation in the wrong way. What if, instead of removing items from my current wardrobe, I start by making a list of just the items I actually love, need or want? That’s when I started researching this idea that my friend at work had told me about: capsule wardrobes.

I have been so excited about practicing this concept after reading the details on the blog Un-Fancy. If you missed my first post, the below is a summary of the guidelines for creating a capsule wardrobe, according to www.un-fancy.com, but remember these are just guidelines. I will tweak the numbers a bit to suit my lifestyle.http://www.un-fancy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/unfancychallenge2.jpgYou might be thinking that this sounds like a crazy idea for someone who loves clothes enough to blog about them, but hear me out.

The fashion blogging industry can often seem superficial, at least in my [humble] opinion. (Again, you’re probably thinking, “isn’t your whole blog about fashion?” Stay with me.) One of my biggest frustrations since starting this blog is feeling pressured to always have “new” things so that readers can replicate the looks. But, it’s exhausting and expensive to operate in this way and, it’s not in line with my personal beliefs–that there’s more to life than shopping.

So often, I watch some of the most successful bloggers make very expensive purchases only to discard the items for something newer and more expensive a few weeks later. I cannot tell you how many bloggers I follow who seem to have a plethora of two-thousand dollar handbags. If you have that kind of money, and can spend it on a handbag, then more power to you. I do not, and even if I did, I’m not sure that I would want to.

However, I do love clothes, and I like nice clothes. Why do I love clothes? Because they make me feel good. They make me feel confident and powerful and, sometimes, even sexy. So, what’s the problem, you ask?

The problem is that it’s too easy to get caught up in the next best thing. All of these little, or not so little, purchases that you make here and there add up over time and ultimately take away from other things you could be spending your well-earned time and money on.

That is what I love most about the concept of the capsule wardrobe. The idea is to pare down your closet to only your most awesome and useful pieces, and to only make thoughtful purchases. That way, every time you go to your closet you won’t be (a) stressed by the number of choices you have or (b) combing through items that are “just okay” because they don’t fit right, they are too worn or they’re not practical.

And, more importantly, you’ll spend more of your time doing the things that bring you joy and make you happy, instead of shopping. You’ll still have a great wardrobe, and you’ll challenge your creative side by re-using the same pieces in new ways.

I have no doubt that this will be challenging for me at first, but I am really excited to see how it works out. Stay tuned for more updates and thoughts throughout my journey!

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  1. 8.12.15
    Sonia said:

    Lauren, I think this is a great idea! Your sentiments resonated with me as I’m also trying to be more thoughtful about my wardrobe and approach a “less is more” and “quality over quantity” approach. I’ve actually been getting more and more frustrated with other blogs I follow because I feel that the constant new, high end items many, though not all, are wearing and endorsing just isn’t in line with my philosophy or bank account. I’m looking forward to following your capsile wardrobe experience!

    • 8.12.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Sonia! I so appreciate your feedback and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way about others in the fashion blogging industry. I know it’s possible to have great style and maintain my budget. It should be an exciting challenge–I’m really looking forward to it. :)