4 Ways to Upgrade Your 20-Something Wardrobe

Now that I’ve crossed over the threshold from 20-something and into the next decade, I feel that my wardrobe is also making the transition. Finding ways to upgrade my 20-something wardrobe is a skill that I’m slowly learning to embrace, and a struggle many of you may be navigating as well. In general, I think the best place to start in transition your wardrobe from twenties to thirties, is with accessories. Allow yourself to start investing in higher quality accessories, and then build up to a core wardrobe of investment staples. (If you’re not sure on whether an item is a trend or a staple, try reading this postas a starting point.) With that introduction, here are a few upgrades to integrate into your existing wardrobe.


It’s amazing how a great pair of sunglasses can really transform your look. Plus, let’s not forget, they also provide protection for your eyes which is super important at any age. I’ve been able to invest in a few great pairs over the last years (read my full post on that here), and I appreciate that they can punctuate your look, cover any dark circles and puffiness, and just made you look pretty darn cool.


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By the time you reach your 30th birthday, investing in a quality handbag is totally appropriate. In fact, make it your birthday gift to yourself! A good handbag can cost you anywhere from $300-$500 but, as you’ll quickly learn, not only will it up your wardrobe game, but it will last you. A well-made structured handbag is ideal for toting to back and forth to the office, able to withstand some serious use.


Personally, I appreciate minimal and understated jewelry. Statement pieces are exactly that: for making statements. They’re really great for special occasions or to add some interest to a plain outfit, but when it comes to day-to-day wear, give me all the simple gold chains, band rings, and stud earrings. My signature jewelry, the items that I wear almost every single day as the basis to my look, are a pair of diamond studs, my grandmother’s gold wedding band, and my Daniel Wellington watch/bangle set.


jcrew spring work outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king

I feel like I constantly talk about how necessary nude pumps are, but for any grown-up wardrobe, these are a must-have. Be it an interview, a wedding, a corporate event, whatever.. they are the shoe for the job. You should find a great pair, preferably made of genuine leather (My absolute favorite pair is listed in this post). If you opt for a reasonable heel (about 3 inches high), they’ll be comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Are you working on transitioning your twenty-something wardrobe into your thirties? What tips can you share about your journey?


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