3 Ways Staying Home is Making Your Life Better


While our gut reaction is to look at the current situation through a negative lens, it is possible to shift the narrative and instead focus on the ways staying home is making your life better. There is no question the stay-at-home orders have been a challenge for many of us; juggling work from home, managing childcare and/or education, and fitting in time to keep up with daily household chores is a lot for anyone, but there are also some upsides to this time at home together (and no, they aren’t centered around doing more or catching up on unfinished projects).

Here are a few ways you can reframe the current situation with a positive spin.

3 Ways Staying Home is Making Your Life Better

More quality time with your family

Right now, the one thing we all have plenty of, is time at home together–something many of us don’t have enough of during our normally hectic lives. Get out those old board games, go through old photo albums or home movies, build a pillow fort–why not? Do the things that you’re normally in too much of a rush to do. Take the time as a family and cherish it. While it may not feel like it now, this situation is temporary and soon we’ll all be back to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

More home-cooked meals

Without the ability to dine out, most of us are preparing more meals at home. That means cooking a fresh meal from start to finish and then sitting down to enjoy it together, as a family.  Finding new recipes and getting creative with ingredients that you have on-hand is all part of the fun. I’m personally using this time to utilize the dairy delivery service from a nearby farm and purchase fresh meats from local grocers. My favorite reference is the Skinnytaste One and Done cookbook, which I’ve found to be a great option for delicious meals created from mostly (though not all!) pantry staples.

Less pressure to do it all

As Americans, we live in a culture where we need to be doing it all, all the time. Even now, as we’re in the midst of a nationwide crisis, we are bombarded with tips and ideas for how we can be more productive during this time. However, most employers are understanding of our personal situations, knowing this is unchartered territory for all of us. Embrace this time of acceptance that it’s okay to do less. This is not the time to be adding even more pressure to an already stressful situation.


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Your turn!

Now it’s your turn to change the narrative. How is staying home making your life better? Share your reflections in the comments below. We’re all in this together. <3


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  1. 4.12.20
    Eli said:

    So agree with you! It’s like, if we don’t fill our time with doing stuff, we are waisting it. And sometimes is good to waist some time and just relax…
    For me quarantine meant spending more time with my parents and be able to do things I never have time to do… like reading 😉




    • 4.12.20

      Thank you, Eli! It’s true. I’ve definitely caught myself feeling upset for not being productive enough now that I’m handling childcare too. But really, it’s been a blessing to have this much time with my daughter, seeing her grow and experience things.

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