The Wardrobe Solutions Every Woman Should Own


5 wardrobe solutions that will solve any fashion faux pas. See these tips and more at!

U-Plunge Bra
A plunge bra is perfect for V-neck or low cut tops and dresses.

Racerback Bra Clips
These little guys are less than $10 and great for converting a regular bra into a racerback instantly–perfect for sleeveless dresses and tops where a traditional bra strap is visible.

Lingerie Tape
Lingerie tape is nice to have on hand for lightweight, silky fabrics that have a tendency to move around. This fabric friendly tape can hold your clothing in place, ensuring everything that needs to be covered, stays covered.

Low-Back Bra Attachment
These attachments run around $8 at Nordstrom, and come in multiple color options. I have one on nude and black, and they’ve come in handy for low back tops (though they wouldn’t be suited for backless tops) and allow you to easily convert your regular bra into a low back-friendly cut.

Breast Petals
For those of us with smaller chests, these petals can be all you need in a summer tank or backless dress. These are especially great for dresses and tops that have some support, but not full support or padding.


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