5 Tips for Smooth Traveling

Depending on where you’re headed, travel days can be long and exhausting, so comfortable clothing is key. My trip out to Hawaii came in at just under 24 hours so, for my trip home, I was ready to implement a few lessons learned.

  1. Dress in Layers

    airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingairport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
    It never fails that, as people board the plane, the temperature feels like 90 degrees but, immediately upon ascending, drops to below freezing. Honestly, I was so cold on the flight out to Hawaii that I was shivering. For the flight home, I layered up in a tank top, sweater, jacket and two fleece blankets. Wearing something like a cashmere scarf or a long sweater/coat that can double as a blanket will be so welcomed once you get in the air and the A/C is on full-blast.

  2. Choose Comfortable Clothing

    airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingairport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
    I am not normally one to wear athleisure out and about. I typically reserve that attire for actual workouts. However, I make an exception for travel days. I’m the person who sits indian style or has my knees curled up under me on the plane, so I want to wear something that I can move in and still feel comfortable. Especially if I’m traveling overnight, or for a long period of time, I want to be able to position myself in whatever way is comfortable. After dealing with flight delays and/or needing to make the airport into a bedroom, the last thing I want to be wearing is jeans or a dress.
    I’m also the person who shamelessly uses a neck pillow and puts in earphones the minute we get in the air.

  3. Wear Sneakers Instead of Sandals

    airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
    You know you have to go through security, and I’ve definitely made the mistake of wearing sandals without even considering the fact that I’ll have to take my shoes off. Wearing sneakers means that you can wear socks, and don’t have to deal with walking barefoot on the airport floor while you wait to go through.

  4. Keep ID and Boarding Pass Easily Accessible

    airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingairport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingairport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingArnie got us these running belts, which I found to be perfect for storing my phone, cash/cards, ID and any other small valuables in an easily accessible place during my travel. It worked out perfectly to have everything I needed right at my fingertips without having to rummage through any purses or backpacks.

  5. Add a Standout Luggage Tag

    airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingUnless you have a unique luggage set, adding a tag or something to easily identify your luggage is really helpful during baggage claim. I’ve seen people tie ribbon or some yarn poms on their bags so that they can quickly pick out their bags as they come down the line. Also, depending on how full the plane is or which airline you’re flying, you may be asked to check your carry-on at the time of boarding. I’ve had this happen to me a few times, and have dealt with my carry-on not making it on my connecting flight. When this happens, it’s helpful to have a luggage tag with your name and phone number in case it gets separated along the way.

Other helpful tips:

  • Pack a few granola bars or snacks in your carry-on or purse to curb hunger along the way.
  • Keep a cell phone or tablet charger and headphones handy to keep your devices functioning for long days.
  • Pre-load books onto a tablet the night before (vice packing physical books, which will take up more space).
  • Give yourself two hours before your flight to get through security, find your gate, and use the restroom prior to boarding.
  • Keep toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry-on so that you’re prepared in the case of lost luggage.
  • Check-in and download your boarding pass the night before to save time at the airport.

airport style-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

Thanks for reading, and safe travels for whatever fun adventures you have planned this summer!


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