royal wedding meghan markle wedding dress

Top Fashions from the Wedding Event of the Year

Were you up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning soaking up all of the wedding fashions? Did you host or attend a Royal Watch party? Did you just catch the highlights during the follow-up news coverage? Royal weddings, even for Americans, are captivating events, and this wedding in particular was a monumental moment in history for many reasons.

I was curious to see how much of her own heritage Meghan would incorporate into hers and Prince Harry’s wedding day. In the end, I was delighted to see that the couple so tastefully combined their own personal touches, and it was especially moving to see the royals welcoming Meghan’s mother, Doria, with open arms. While to some, it seems silly to be so interested in people that you don’t know from another country, there’s something to be said for people from all over the world coming together to celebrate the love story of two lovely human beings. It was a heart-warming event to watch, and one that [of course] brought [several] tears to my eyes. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’ll never tire of wedding days.

Of course, for me, the Royal Wedding is equally enjoyable for its fashion, and this won certainly did not disappoint!

Meghan’s Wedding Dress

royal wedding meghan markle wedding dress

I thought that Duchess Meghan’s wedding dress was a perfect choice. Not only did it place the focus on her natural beauty, but it was completely timeless–a silhouette that we’ll look back on as forever in style. I know that some critics found it underwhelming, but I thought she looked stunning–traditional and modern at the same time, perfectly complimenting their ceremony. I’m a big fan of a cathedral veil, I wore one for my own wedding, and loved the statement of her page boys carrying it as she walked down the aisle.

Her confidence and composure was impressive. She appeared to be totally present and utterly enjoying each moment of the ceremony, wearing a soft smile for nearly the entire thing, making her look even more beautiful. The natural, soft makeup and her slightly undone hair made her look like herself without being too overdone–easy to do on a special occasion.

Noteworthy Guest Attire


royal wedding jessica mulroney dress
royal wedding jessica mulroney

As a brunette, I can attest that there are few colors more striking to wear than royal blue, and Jessica Mulroney’s midi fit and flare style dress was absolutely stunning on her. It’s a difficult act to literally follow Duchess Kate, but she pulled it off. It was rumored that, as Meghan’s best friend and professional stylist, Jessica helped her choose her own wedding gown, as well as plan the details of the day.


royal wedding amal clooney dress

Another woman absolutely nailing her color palette was Amal Clooney, wearing a stunning below-the-knee fitted sheath dress in a bold yellow and gold shoes. Not only was her dress just gorgeous, but her makeup and hair were equally flawless. She was truly a sight to behold.


royal wedding victoria beckham

When you design clothes, it’s expected that you look picture-perfect, and Victoria Beckham did not disappoint. I loved the sliver of skin peeking through from her neck to just above her waist. The long, open sleeve and below-the-knee length made it look elegant, and not at all trashy, and her pulled back hair, similar to Meghan’s reception look, was effortlessly chic. This was definitely one of my favorite looks of the day, I would wear this dress in a heartbeat (if I could afford it, of course).


royal wedding carole middleton

Carole Middleton was the picture of class in her dress, matching topper and hat. I adore the A-line shape of her topper and, again, this color is so flattering on her skin tone. It’s also a beautiful color for a spring wedding; she looks classic and elegant in this look.


Of course, for any royal event, it’s exciting to note all of the beautiful hats, and the Duchess did not disappoint. I adored the open, oversized collar on her dress, and the fact that she opted for a soft off-white color for her new sister-in-law’s wedding day–similar to the color that Pippa wore for Kate’s wedding. She’s always the epitome of class and of course, this was no exception.


royal wedding oprah dress

Oprah was one of the first guests to arrive which I just loved. With such a tight schedule, guests had very specific times in which to arrive. Oprah, taking no chances, made sure to be fashionably early in this beautiful tiered dress, which looks flawless against her darker skin. I did think the hat was a bit extravagant for my personal taste, but I still thought she looked beautiful.


royal wedding sofia wellesley

This was a close second to Carey Mulligan’s ankle-length floral dress, but I ultimately felt that Sofia Wellesley styled it better. The dark strappy pump and traditional hat perfectly paired with the spring florals to create a fresh, young look.

Delfina Blaquier

royal wedding delfina blaquier dress

Unfortunately, what I loved most about this dress was the back. It had fabric covered buttons from her tailbone to her neck, and it was incredibly elegant in this soft blue silk fabric. I wasn’t able to find a photo from the back online, but trust me when I say it was gorgeous!


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