The Only 4 Handbags You’ll Ever Need

...yes, really!

If I told you that there are only 4 handbags you’ll ever need, would you believe me?

Having an attainable wardrobe is a major focus on Wellesley & King, and you’ll notice that there are select few handbags that I rotate through in almost every outfit post. I’ve lined up my four go-to’s into one handy list, and I stand by the fact that you need nothing more.

The Only 4 Handbags You’ll Ever Need

1.) An All-in-One Crossbody

Use it for: anything and everything


This little guy is true to its name: all-in-one. The long strap makes it a hands-free crossbody, while the wrist strap converts it into an easy wristlet. Or, remove both straps, and use it as a wallet. It has a ton of card slots, and a separate zipper area for coins/lipstick. I carry it everywhere I go as my primary wallet, and when I don’t need my entire tote bag, I just pull it out and use it as a standalone mini bag.

2.) A Chic Leather Backpack

Use it for: exploring, errands, travel

This guy is the chicest way to tote around my camera. I absolutely adore the shape, and it fits a surprising amount. It’s a great companion for walks around town and mornings with photoshoots. I can’t stand to have a bag falling off my shoulder, so this backpack is a great alternative when you need a little extra space.

3.) A Leopard Clutch

Use it for: special occasions, dinner dates

This leopard clutch is my go-to for date nights and special occasions. Leopard is most definitely a neutral, and this clutch is the punctuation for a little black dress, pair of sleek trousers, or print-mixed with florals and stripes!

4.) A Structured Satchel or Tote

Use it for: professional meetings or events, daily office commute

Last but not least, a classic satchel is imperative for professional meetings and days at the office. I throw my All-in-One into my tote, along with my planner, and a few beauty back-ups. I’ve always loved the simple lines of this Kate Spade satchel, and there continues to be an updated similar version year after year.

Where to Shop for Handbags

When it comes to handbags, I personally recommend investing in a quality option that will last through several years, if not decades. All of the above styles are timeless enough to warrant a spot in your closet for years to come.

I like the variety of brands available at Nordstrom, as well as the online retailer Shopbop. Both of these companies offer free shipping and returns, which makes buying online super easy, if you do not happen to live nearby.

Once you hone in on a particular brand that you like, you can also shop directly from their stores and websites. My favorite brands that are high quality but won’t break the bank are Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors. Of course, if you’re able to invest even more in your handbags, try options like Burberry and Louis Vuitton for luxury options.

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