The Most Comfortable Pumps

A good pair of pumps cannot be underestimated in a woman’s closet. I’ve owned this style for years now, and the incredible quality has proved worth the investment. They are my go-to, and a true staple in my closet.

With its pointed toe and just-high-enough-but-not-too-high heel, the Kate Spade Licorice pump is the ultimate classic heel.  I purchased mine through Amazon, where they are available in 23 different colors. Every time I need to wear a pump, I opt for nude because it is without doubt the most flattering color for my petite legs (always creating an illusion of longer legs). Other favorites of mine are the navy, natural snakeskin, leopard calf skin, poppy red, and pretty floral.

I had taken my heels to a cobbler before, who commented on the craftsmanship of these shoes, and I can certainly attest to their impeccable wear. When I tell you that I wear this almost every single day for work, I’m not kidding. These pumps have become part of my uniform.

I purchased my first pair in 2014, in the “powder patent” color, which you’ve seen many times on W&K. I was first impressed by how comfortable and easy to walk in they were, a characteristic that is so important to me for long days at the office. (Nothing makes me feel less confident than stumbling off balance in a pair of too-high heels.) So much so, that I just recently purchased a pair in the “new camel” shade (shown here).

I know they’re pricey, much more so than nearly all of my other shoes, but the amount of wear time I get out of them easily surpasses the initial investment cost. If you are ever looking to try a really quality pair of classic pumps, I give this pair my highest recommendation!

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The Outfit

I need your help on this outfit, guys. I tried on roughly 109840134813 outfits before settling on this one Saturday night. I was having one of those days where I just felt uncomfortable in everything, perhaps in part because I simply wasn’t feeling myself. I ended up deciding on this outfit–my favorite jeans, go-to pumps, and then this flowy, hi-lo tee. After looking through the pictures, I felt that the top was too long (particularly in the back) for me being so short. Do you agree? I need your help with this one!

Aside from that, this general look is one that I reach for over and over again: plain, simple, quality pieces.

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