Golden Coil: The Best Planner for Busy Working Moms

Finding the perfect planner is very personal, and I get that. As someone who has been a die-hard user of planners for decades, I have certainly tested out my fair share of brands–each with their own set of pros and cons. I think that much time qualifies me as an expert, right? Here’s why Golden Coil is, in my “expert” opinion, the best planner for busy working moms.

(Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored by or in collaboration with Golden Coil. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.)

The Best Planner for Busy Working Moms

The best part about Golden Coil planners is just how many options there are to customize it. Your planner will be totally personal to you and your planning style. No more re-writing the same unfinished tasks from day to day, or running out of lines for all of your to-dos. This planner has a layout for everyone!

4 Reasons Working Moms Will Love a Golden Coil Planner

You pick the start and end dates.

Have you ever purchased a planner that you thought you were going to love but, after a month or two of using it, realized it’s really not as great as you expected? Then, you find yourself on the hunt for a new one, but lose out on a few months because it started in January?

With Golden Coil, you choose the start and end dates. It can be any day of any month, it’s completely up to you. Prefer an 18-month planner? No problem. You’re in total control of when you want to start and finish using your planner.

The cover options are as sophisticated and stylish as you.

So many planners for women are overly feminine or juvenile. I always loved my fashion-focused Brittany Fuson planner but felt less than professional taking it with me to big meetings at the office. Golden Coil planners are available in beautiful linens or rich leathers that are both stylish and sophisticated. You’ll feel like a boss taking them anywhere. And, if patterns are your thing, there are options for you, too.

It can be customized to match your do-it-all schedule.

We all know that modern moms today are doing it all. With your Golden Coil planner, you can add in pages for meal-planning, budgeting, wellness checks, bucket lists, meeting notes, and more.

I’ve found it so helpful to have options for meal-planning and gratitude practice right in my weekly calendar pages, and also love to have separate pages for goal planning/follow.

You’ll get a dose of weekly inspiration or self-care reminders.

These planners have a super fun feature for Add-Ons, which are daily or weekly reminders to motivate, inspire, entertain, or challenge you. When we’re all running on hamster wheels to take care of everything at work, home, and in our families, these reminders to take care of ourselves are greatly appreciated.

Ways you can customize your Golden Coil planner:


Choose from a variety of options, including artful patterns, solid linens, and leather.

Fill Page

the first page with your contact information and optional message (I like to add a mantra or quote)


You can upload a list of your own or add your top contacts one-by-one

Start Date/End Date

you can choose your start and end dates, which means your planner doesn’t have to run from January 1 to December 30. Order any time you want!


Add special dates, including national holidays, world holidays, food holidays, fun holidays, and more. You can also upload your own to easily keep track of birthdays or special events on your schedule.


Your daily or weekly layouts can be as simple or as detailed as you like; there are dozens of layouts to choose from!

Additional Pages

You can also add additional pages to keep you on track. These pages are my favorite parts and include all of the following options

  • Extra Calendaring: month-at-a-glance, year-at-a-glance, addresses, etc.
  • Food: meal planning, fitness tracking, food diaries, etc.
  • Health: reflections, mood, wellness, etc.
  • Projects: project planning, mood boards, meeting notes, etc.
  • LIfestyle – goals, bucket list, budgeting, etc.


This is also a super fun feature. You can add extra notes to your calendar pages, choosing from motivational or inspirational quotes to daily or self-care challenges. I love seeing these each week, it’s purely for fun.

More Organizing Products From Golden Coil

In addition to planners, Golden Coil also offers customizable notebooks so that, if you don’t need all of the calendar options or like to keep your projects separate from your daily planning, you can create your own journals, fitness trackers, food diaries, bucket lists, and more in a totally separate space. Personally, I like to keep my client work separate from my planner, and I’ve loved having a custom notebook to help me keep my work organized.

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