The Prettiest Casual Sweater + My Favorite Pittsburgh Diner

Do you guys have a restaurant in your town that just screams local? That’s how I feel about this little diner in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Ritter’s Diner has been open since 1951, as the sign reads, and it serves comfort food at its finest.

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeansjcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

I’m from a very small town in rural Pennsylvania, and the foods that I remember having with my grandparents revolved around meat and potatoes. Comfort foods are nostalgic for me, and there’s something about sharing an un-fancy meal with your loved ones that is exactly what you need on a chilly Sunday morning.

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeansjcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

Arnie and I actually had made other plans for our Sunday but when Arnie mentioned brunch at Ritter’s, I couldn’t turn him down. I ordered my sister’s favorite, a hot roast beef sandwich, with a plate full of gravy fries.

Now, this is not a meal  I have ever made on my own (and likely never will), but there was something about eating roast beef on plain and simple slices of white bread, smothered in gravy, that was calling my name on that mid-Sunday morning.

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeansjcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

At Ritter’s, the waitresses all greet you in scrubs and a smile. They’re blue collar workers, usually with thick Pittsburgh accents. Dining here is a Pittsburgh experience you can’t miss; it’s the kind of place this city was built on, and one of the reasons I love it so much. No matter how many new apartment complexes or high end stores go up, the heart of Pittsburgh is hard-working, simple folks who just want to eat fries on everything, darnit.

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

And of course if you’re going to a place like Ritter’s, your outfit priority is likely comfort above all else. I wasn’t about to get all fancied up before devouring that hot roast beef sandwich. Instead, I just wanted a cozy turtleneck, my favorite jeans, and a pair of ankle boots comfortable enough to walk in.

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

Speaking of this turtleneck, I was drawn to its multi-colored knitting the first time I laid eyes on it. From afar, it looks like your ordinary neutral sweater, but upon closer review, it has specks of different colored threads throughout, and I loved that added dimension. Also, because it’s made of a heavier wool fabric, it is really warm. I didn’t even need to wear a coat as we walked; the sweater alone offered plenty of warmth.

I actually wore this exact outfit for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was a great selection for casually visiting with family and friends, and allowing me room to breathe after a big meal. ;)

jcrew turtleneck sweater madewell jeans

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