Reformation Clothing: A Sustainable Fashion Brand Made to Flatter Women

Today’s sustainable fashion brand, Reformation, is dedicated to fashion with a focus on its environmental footprint. (For more background on ethical fashion, start with this post on What Is Sustainable Fashion?) What makes reformation stand out from other ethical fashion brands is its slightly more trendy styles. Compared to other brands like Cuyana and Everlane, Reformation’s styles are a little younger, a little hipper. One of their primary missions is to celebrate women’s bodies and they spend a lot of energy fitting their clothing on different body types. I can honestly say that this is one of the reasons I love Reformation so much: they fit in all the right places and offer select items in petite sizing. I’ve listed even more highlights on the brand below.

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Reformation Clothing

Beautiful and sustainable fabrics 

Reformation rates every fabric on an A-E rating scale (A = rapidly renewable natural fibers, B = almost all-natural or recycled fabrics) and a goal to make 75% of their products from fabrics with A or B ratings. You can read about all of their fabrics here.

A strong female presence

More than 75% of the Reformation management team is women or underrepresented populations. Need I say more? #Feminism.

Reinvestments in the resources used during manufacturing

Reformation offsets its environmental impact by reinvesting in the resources used to create its garments. For example, they protected the Amazon Rainforest from deforestation and contributed millions of gallons of water to dewatered rivers in California. Taking it one step further, the brand publishes a report of its environmental footprint, detailing how much it used, saved, and offset during the year.

Sustainability rating on every item

For every item on Reformation’s website, you’ll see a “Sustainability” rating, known as the Refscale, identifying how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste was saved during the manufacturing of the garment so that you know the environmental impact of every product.

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