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I think it’s only fair that I start this post off with an apology. It’s been almost two months since I’ve last posted on here, and I feel like I owe you all a bit of an explanation.

In January, I switched positions at my job. It’s actually something the company is quite big on, moving employees between the different units in order to make them well-rounded. It was a tough move for me, though, because 1) I was really happy where I was, and 2) little of my previous knowledge was transferrable, so it felt like I was starting over. I’ll save you the details, but the short version of the story is that I needed to focus my time and energy on learning my new job.

It was certainly hard for me to give up blogging, but also nice to allow myself to let some of the pressure off. I’m feeling better about things these days, more confident in my knowledge and ability to prioritize. With that said, I’m planning to ease back into a blogging routine this month and see how I can handle it.

What’s going on with my capsule wardrobes, you ask? Well, I’ve been managing my spring capsule since the beginning of April. It’s shaped up to be nearly all ‘work wear’ with a few casual cotton pieces sprinkled in. Of course, I’m still wearing my favorite Madewell jeans, and hunter boots. There’s no leaving them behind in Pittsburgh, where rainy days are as frequent as Pirate games.

For this capsule, I allowed myself to shy away from ‘the rules’, and have been gaging my wardrobe based on feel. I like it to remain small–it has to fit on one free-standing rack–but I’m not too hung up on having precisely 30, or 60, or any certain number of pieces. At this point, I know that I like to have a good mix of colors and styles to avoid boredom. But I also don’t want to have so much that I start feeling overwhelmed. I think my healthy balance is around 40-50 items, with 85% being office attire and the other 15% being casual wear.

Below are some pieces I added to my wardrobe to give it a fresh look. Sadly, a few of them are already sold out in the colors I purchased, but the styles are still available in different colors/prints.  You can view my full spring capsule HERE.spring-capsule

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