Spotlight On: Gifts for the Little One

Gift-giving for the little ones is arguably the most fun part about the holiday season. I have five nieces and nephews (ranging from infant to 4 years old) that I thoroughly enjoy smothering with love every chance I get. I put this list together with all of them in mind, and I’m already having a tough time deciding on my favorites!



  • special occasion dress – I love any excuse to buy my niece adorable clothes, and Christmas might be the most fun time of all. There are too many little outfits that are so stinkin’ cute, I can hardly contain myself. I always find myself at Janie & Jack or J.Crew when it comes to finding festive outfits for the little ones.
  • easel, pots & pans set, and toy baking set – I might be old fashioned, but I have this thing about oversized plastic toys. I much prefer a simple wooden easel to the huge Little Tikes versions that take up way more space. Along the same lines, I think this little pots & pans play set is so sweet, and love that it looks like “big people” kitchen tools. As a kid, I always wanted to play with toys that looked like the “real thing,” which is why this set is such a great find.
  • toy storage – A practical gift is always appreciated, and toy organization is most certainly practical. I really like this option with the mix of bins and a drawer; a kid-friendly version of a useful storage solution.
  • minnie mouse boots – these boots are too cute, and immediately had me thinking of my niece. Most little ones enjoy Mickey & Minnie, especially if they’ve been to Disney World. The fact that they are made in blush pink is just icing on the cake!
  • boy’s camo sneakers – Little boys wearing camo melts my almost every time. We all know this is one of my favorite “neutrals.” These sneakers would be adorable with jeans or cargo pants; I almost can’t take the cuteness.
  • baby stuffed giraffe – When you’ve got brand new babies in your family, nothing beats a super soft stuffed animal for them to cuddle with. This baby giraffe is almost too sweet to pass up, especially at $10!
  • girl’s faux fur coatboy’s peacoat – Since little ones tend to grow out of things so quickly, it’s definitely
  • nursery artwork – Despite the fact that I am terrified to even look at an insect, this art piece of a moth print surprisingly caught my eye. I think it’s so well done and would look pretty in any children’s room or nursery.
  • kid-friendly tablet – I feel like one of these is the saving grace for so many parents. And with all of the educational and artistic apps available, kids at all ages can really enjoy this. It’s priced just under $100, but it’ll be the best $100 you spend all year!




What are your thoughts?

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