Shared Nursery Guest Room Decor

Even though we’ve long moved out of our old apartment, I recently stumbled across these old photos of our shared nursery guest room and thought I would share! Prior to this apartment, we lived in a one-bedroom, so Josie stayed in our room for the first seven months (click here for our shared nursery). I snapped these few photos of her decor before we moved out in February. It feels like this was only yesterday; it’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been in our house for four months already!

Shared Nursery Guest Room Decor

We needed this space to function primarily as a nursery, but with the ability to convert to a guest room when needed. Despite the second bedroom, our overall apartment was still fairly small. We used this bedroom for storing all of Josie’s toys, as well as the laundry hamper, and other seldom-used pieces. This room was truly our do-it-all space! Here’s how we made it work…


Reading before bed was a daily activity, and we wanted to carve out a special area where books were within reach for Josie to choose her favorites. We used these IKEA shelves ($14.99/each) to store her collection. She loved to stand on the sofa and pull them off every shelf!

minimal nursery decor-wellesley and king blog-ikea bookshelf
minimal nursery decor-wellesley and king blog-ikea bookshelf


These simple IKEA shelves ($12.99/each) were perfect for storing the few toys that we rotated in and out of use. We have always been quite minimal when it comes to toys for Josie and, since she was only seven months old when we moved in here, her toy collection was still pretty small. We kept a few bins next to her crib for toys that were in the current rotation and stored the remaining ones on the top shelf of the closet.



Instead of a large dresser, we used this simple cabinet to store Josie’s everyday clothing and necessities. I used different bins with labels for things like onesies, socks and shoes, extra sheets and towels, bibs, and burp cloths. We continued to use the portable cart to store diapering essentials, and still do in our house today. It’s so helpful to have everything we need at the ready when things get messy! I’ve always kept the mobile above her changing area instead of the crib. I’ve found that I prefer to keep her distracted/entertained while doing a diaper change, more than when it’s time to settle down for sleep.

minimal nursery-wellesley and king blog-changing table

minimal nursery-wellesley and king blog-changing table organization
minimal nursery-wellesley and king blog-changing table


When moving to this apartment, we really wanted a private option for guests to sleep other than the living room sofa. We ended up finding this convertible sofa bed at Article, and it was the perfect piece to suit our needs. Since we would primarily be using the space as a nursery, the sofa was great for nighttime reading, as well as a place to sit while Josie played. When needed for guests, it comes apart to a queen-sized bed. We just add a fitted sheet and pillows for sleeping. We also kept the reading lamp and an extra outlet close by for charging devices.

minimal nursery decor-wellesley and king blogminimal nursery decor-wellesley and king blog


This shared guest room nursery was a great multi-functional room during the seven months that we lived there. While short-lived, this space was packed full of many memories, and all of these pieces have transitioned with us to our new home. I’ll be sharing some of our new space with you all very soon!

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