Sending Off Summer at Simmons Farm

Is summer actually gone? It honestly doesn’t feel like it since we’re still running the air conditioning to combat this 90 degree heat! I’m sure I’ll regret saying this, but I am more than ready for the cooler temperatures. I haaaate to be hot–absolutely cannot stand it–so I’ll happily take all of the 60 degree days that come with fall.


In any case, I spent Saturday morning visiting Simmons Farm in their pick-your-own-flowers field. I’ve been to the farm several times before; they have a beautiful marketplace of seasonal goods: apples, fresh produce, flowers, and homemade baked goods all line the market shelves. Despite my many visits, I had never experienced the flower fields and, being the basic girl that I am, was looking forward to sending off summer with some pretty hand-picked blooms.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, Simmons Farm is about 40 minutes south of the city, and it’s a truly beautiful place in the country. It was nice to escape the city for a few hours to appreciate such a pretty day. I recommend planning your visit early in the day before it gets too busy. If you’re flower picking, you’ll be armed with a bucket of water and a pair of scissors before you drive down to the fields. You get to take home whatever you can fit in the bucket for $9, so fill up–just be careful to watch out for bumble bees!


For the visit to the fields, I wore this striped maxi dress from J.Crew (last seen here), which sadly has since sold out.  It is perfect for a comfortable yet cute outfit. Luckily striped t-shirt style dresses are a dime a dozen, and I’ve linked my current favorites for you down below. This sun hat was from H&M (last worn here) for about $15. I’ve seen similar options in stores, even recently, so I recommend checking out your local retail location. I’ve also been toting around this Vera Bradley leather backpack absolutely everywhere I go; it is perfect for tossing in my camera and extra shoes or sweaters, leaving me hands-free. All of the pockets have been great for storing my phone, wallet, and keys in an easily accessible fashion. You can shop all of the pieces using the links below.

How did you guys send off summer?

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