My Secret for Outfit Inspiration

When it comes to finding outfit inspiration, there’s only one tip you need in order to make your old clothes feel new.

I’ve read (and I don’t remember where) that when your clothes are out (either on the floor, strewn across the bed, or even hanging on a valet stand), it can actually allow you to see outfits that you otherwise may not have thought of. Sometimes just seeing pieces lying next to each other on the floor is all it takes to try a new combination.

Of course, if you read this blog, then you probably know that I live to organize. Every item has its place, and should be returned to said place after each use, so, for me, clothes are rarely found strewn across anything. But, because I always want inspiration to re-style old pieces, I use this small valet stand to hang a few key pieces, including accessories. I swap out these key pieces all the time, sometimes I choose new pieces that I want to style and other times I add in old favorites. More often than not, simply seeing my key pieces hanging together allows me to visualize more possibilities than I originally considered.

In part, this is why the concept of capsule wardrobes is so effective. When you limit your wardrobe options, you instinctively become more creative with the pieces that are left. Your mind is not overwhelmed with so many possibilities, and you can very easily play with what remains.  During my most limited capsule wardrobes, I was amazed at how much more fun it was to put outfits together. Despite actually having fewer pieces, it felt like I had so many more options.

If you’re a fashionista, and your closet is your sacred space, then having a capsule wardrobe can feel really scary. I know that I wasn’t totally able to get rid of everything and go all in right away (and thank goodness I didn’t). Instead, I opted to put some things in storage, and experience a trial period. I’m so grateful that I took this approach, because I pulled many pieces out of storage during those first few months.

My lovely friend Megan of the blog Blue Bells and Lipstick took a different approach to the capsule wardrobe, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. This is essentially the purpose of my valet stand setup of today. Megan creates a weekly capsule wardrobe. Every Sunday night, she pulls out her key pieces for the week and uses those pieces to create new looks for the entire week. Here again, seeing fewer pieces (separated from your main closet) and hanging or placing them in a space together, allows you to see combinations that you couldn’t see amongst a sea of twenty shirts and ten pairs of pants.

Moral of the story: It really does make a difference to give yourself a smaller population of clothing to work with.

Give it a try, and see how you fare. Follow the rules of a creating a wardrobe color palette and focus on choosing your best colors; you should be left with a flattering mix of pieces that enhance your natural features.

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I tell you this story because the only reason this outfit was “born” is because these pieces just happened to be hanging near one another while I was getting dressed one morning. This turtleneck and skirt are a “no-brainer” combination for me, and I would typically wear them with my favorite long necklace. However, this scarf happened to be draped on the corner of my valet and so became an alternative to my usual choice of jewelry.

What went right

  • flattering silhouettes: a mini length skirt creates the illusion of longer legs
  • the fitted top offsets the A-line bottom to flatter my slim arms and waist

Room for improvement

  • Looking at these photos, I wish I had added a more noticeable earring to break up some of the darkness between my hair, the scarf and the turtleneck.
  • I think I also could’ve tied this scarf a little higher so that my waist was more visible.

Want to shop the outfit?

Turtleneck: J.Crew; Skirt: old (similar); Scarf: old (similar); Boots: old (similar); Bag: J.Crew; Lips: Stila in Pastina; Rings: Vrai and Oro (similar)


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