In A Nutshell: My Second Year of Blogging


Hi, friends! Today I wanted to take a minute to thank you for following along with me as I’m [slowly] fumbling through this world of blogging.


Over the last year, I’ve learned so, so much. I took my first social media course, invested in an external flash, photographed my first indoor photoshoots, created my first [second, and third] capsule wardrobes, and–best of all–met some really talented and passionate women in my city through Pittsburgh’s Style Social community. With another year under my belt, I can honestly say that starting a blog has been one of the most challenging, fun, creative, and exciting things I’ve ever done. With each year that goes by, it pushes me to learn more, to take another step outside of my comfort zone, and for that reason I know that it’s worth it.


I sometimes struggle because, on the surface, a style blog can seem superficial. I mean, I’m just talking about clothes, right? But, if you peel back that later, you’ll see that it’s about building a community with others. Whether you’re someone who shares my passion for style, or someone who is looking for help finding their own style, it’s so cool to me that we can all meet right here to connect. This year, so many of you told me that I inspired you to clean out your closets, and some of you even created your own capsule wardrobes! That is such a rewarding feeling to know that you helped even just one person simplify their life. (In fact, if I could come to each of your houses and organize each of your closets–believe me–I would!) And what’s even more awesome? The fact that this blog has allowed me to connect with not only people in my own hometown, but people all over the country. When I take a step back, that thought it just mind-blowing.


Thank you, all of you, for reading along and for sharing your thoughts, encouragement and support over the years. You guys are so awesome, and I appreciate it more than you know.


So now, what I’d like to do is turn the floor (or the keyboard) over to you. What would you guys like to read about this year? Is there a specific wardrobe solution you’re looking for? Something you’d like to know how to organize? A piece you’d like to see styled?


Let me know! You can share your thoughts, questions or topic requests in the comments below, on any social media or by sending me an email to


Here’s to another year!



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  1. 1.29.16
    Sally said:

    Love it. Your blog cheers me up and encourages me to organize ( I will do my closet, I promise) and inspires me and makes me think twice about every purchase and what I already have in my closet.

    • 1.29.16
      Lauren said:

      You know you’ll feel so much better once it’s organized! 🙂

  2. 1.29.16

    I’ve so enjoyed getting to know your blog over the past few months and look forward to continuing to follow your style adventures 🙂 xxx

    • 1.29.16
      Lauren said:

      Thank you, Miranda! I always enjoy your comments. 🙂