Saving Money during the Holidays: 3 Tools to Help

Saving money during the holidays is important to many of us. We want to purchase the perfect gifts for all of our loved ones, but we also have to maintain our budgets. With that in mind, there are three very simple tools out there that you can use to help you save money on your holiday shopping.

Saving Money during the Holidays: 3 Tools to Help


What it is: Ebates is a third party shopping site that gives shoppers cash back on all purchases. It’s a great way to earn money back on all of your purchases and I use it all the time. I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars back on my purchases, AND it’s really simple to set up. I highly recommend it!

How it works: Simply sign up for an account on, start shopping, and receive cash back on all of your online purchases. Ebates has also recently begun working with in-store purchases, so there are even more ways to save. There are two methods to earn: (1) You can shop your favorite stores directly through, so that each purchase is linked back to your Ebates account; or (2) You can install the Ebates button to your browser, and you’ll receive a notification to activate Ebates each time you visit your favorite stores online. From there, you will receive a percentage cash back on all of your online purchases. I personally like to use the mobile app to track my cash back. It tallies everything you’ve earned on each shopping trip, as well as when you can expect your next “Big Fat Check,” as they call them.

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What it is: Honey is a program that automatically checks for and adds coupon codes to your online purchases during checkout.

How it works: Sign up for an account on, and add the “honey button” to your web browser, much like Ebates. Shop online as you normally would, and, just before checking out, click the “honey button.” Honey will automatically check for available coupon codes and apply them to your order. You can save on purchases at a wide variety of retailers, from Nordstrom Rack to Tractor Supply (if that’s what you’re into). I’ve only recently started using this program, but quickly realize how helpful it is. This program eliminates all of the guesswork in finding a coupon code, and it automatically checks for codes every time you check out. You don’t even have to remember to take that extra step (I have too much to remember as it is, so I’ll take all the help I can get.)

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What it is: Retail Me Not is one of the sites I’ve been using the longest to save on blog purchases. The site is used to find coupon codes and save money on online purchases. You don’t even need to have an account to use

How it works: Shop online at your favorite stores. When you’re ready to check out, visit, and search for coupon codes for the retailer. You will have to comb through the results, and determine which (if any) of the codes will work for your purchase. The site tells you the success rate of each code to help you narrow the search. I’ve been pretty successful using this site over the years, but it is a little more work than some of the others.


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What tools do you use to help with saving money during the holidays? Share them with me below; I would love to give them a try!
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