7 Reasons Rent the Runway Memberships are Totally Worth It

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after looking back on these 8 years of style blogging, it’s how quickly trends come and go. While I’ve always been focused on building a classic wardrobe, I’ve also purchased my share of trends over the years and, like or not, most of them are no longer part of my closet. The Rent the Runway membership offers everything you love about trying out new trends and maintaining a minimal capsule wardrobe of staple pieces, without the burden of more “stuff” collecting in your closet.

After having my second baby following a multi-year pandemic, I heard an ad for Rent the Runway on a podcast. Realizing it wasn’t limited to cocktail attire, I signed up for a two-month membership, figuring it would be a great way to bridge the gap between my post-partum body working its way back to “normal”.

From the first shipment, the amount of joy this service brought me has been amazing. After a year pregnant at home during a pandemic, wearing nothing but sweatpants, having something new and beautiful could not be a bigger treat!

Rent the Runway Memberships: 7 Reasons It’s Totally Worth It

The quality and selection are incredible

More than anything, I was shocked at the selection of clothing and accessories to choose from. Not only are there a ton of beautiful designer clothes available, but there are also handbags, jewelry, and even loungewear that you can rent as part of the membership plan. There is truly something for everyone, no matter the occasion.

It is sustainable

Sustainable fashion is a huge initiative that is finally getting some traction–and that is amazing! (Read all about the basics of sustainable fashion and how you can help in this post.) In our consumer-based world, most of us are pretty guilty of buying pieces that we don’t wear more than a handful of times, a dozen if we’re lucky. After that point, the clothes either get tossed or sit in our closets taking up space for way longer than they should.

It’s probably less than you’re spending on clothes today

If you’re always following the latest fashion trends, and you appreciate having new pieces in your wardrobe, then you might already be spending more on new clothes than the cost of the membership. Rent the Runway is an awesome alternative for you if you want to try new clothes without having to spend full price on the latest trends. You might argue that you don’t actually own the clothes (I know I felt this way at first) but the cost is significantly less than buying new clothes, even if you’re planning to resell them later (not to mention, it’s less hassle).

You don’t have to do the laundry

One of the best features of the Rent the Runway membership is that they do all the laundry for you–the clothes arrive professionally cleaned and, when you’re done, you simply toss them back into the mailing bag and ship them off. You don’t even have to hang them back on their hangers. It is zero stress, zero hassle. It’s amazing.

It won’t fill up your closet with unworn clothes

Do you feel like your closet is already bursting at the seams? (If so, check out this post on how to clean out your closet and make money.) It doesn’t take long for your closet to begin overflowing when you pick up a new item here and there, and don’t do regular cleanouts (let’s be honest, they can be time-consuming when your time is already limited). Carving out a whole afternoon, or maybe even a day, can be difficult when you’re juggling work and kids, which means that your closet probably has quite a few unworn pieces just taking up space. The Rent the Runway membership gives you the satisfaction of having a few new pieces each season without taking up permanent real estate in your closet.

If you rent an item, whether it’s clothing or a beautiful handbag, and you really wish you could keep it, you have that option. All of the pieces included in the RTR membership are for sale at a significantly discounted price, so if you really love an item, you can still purchase it outright. Think of it as buying verified designer pieces in a secondhand shop like Poshmark or The Real Real. It’s the perfect option to try something before you splurge.

You can pause your membership at any time

Some months there might not be a lot going on in your life, and other months might be super busy. This is why it’s so great that you’re able to pause your membership any time you want. When you do pause your membership, you have two options: keep the clothes you currently have for a reduced monthly fee, or send everything back and skip the month entirely. This was the perfect option for me over the summer when I had some pieces that I really loved; I paid a small fee to keep the clothes I had and paused the membership. Having that flexibility is a great perk.

Rent the Runway Membership Promo Offer – 40% Off

If you’re even considering the RTR membership, you can try it for 40% off to see how it works for you and your budget before going all in. You can rent up to 4 designer pieces a month for as low as $54 a month–that’s insane! Click the button below to claim your offer using my referral link below.

Let me know what you think!

If you give it try, leave a comment below and tell me what you think. This service has brought me so much joy, especially after wearing sweatpants through the majority of 2020. It’s been so good for my soul to put on beautiful clothes again.

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