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Over Christmas, I was offered a personal shopping experience with our local Nordstrom, and to top it off, they were also offering money off towards the purchase during the trip. This was just after Arnie had gotten me my Hunter Original Tall boots (which I love and wear all the time), so during my appointment, we focused on the Hunter Original Tour.

First, to discuss Nordstrom’s personal stylists, I could not say enough good things about this experience. My stylist was very patient, open and honest about the products and extremely willing to help. Anyone can set up an appointment with someone from the personal styling team, and I would highly recommend this service. If, let’s say, you have an upcoming wedding to attend or are looking for a particular item (say a pair of well-fitted jeans or a leather jacket), they are more than willing to spend 10 mins or an hour helping you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

As you can see from this outfit post, a straight cut jean does not work well with tall boots, as the extra fabric bunches up at the knees. I would like to add a pair of skinny light wash jeans to my wardrobe, and when I am ready I plan to utilize the Nordstrom personal styling team to do so. Just having them select some options before I get there will save me time and stress. I should also mention that they are more than willing to work within your budget–so do not hesitate to be open with them regarding your price point.

Second, as I mentioned, I knew loved Hunter’s Original Tall boot for their sturdiness going in. Because I wear them to and from work, I also like that they maintain a classic and simplistic silhouette and look professional enough for the commute to the office, especially since I purchased them in black. That said, I figured since Nordstrom was funding the majority of this purchase, and knowing that I was already a fan of this brand, I would try for something a little more fun on the second go-around. Here’s how I would compare the two styles:

The Original Tour is especially great for petite women, in that the material is much more flexible than that of the Original Tall pair. They also come with a drawstring bag for easy packability when traveling; this was appealing for me considering how often Arnie and I travel back and forth from Pittsburgh to our families at home. I am (almost) 5’2″, but for someone with legs any shorter, I think the Original Tall may be uncomfortable at the knee when your leg bends, due to the sturdier material. I wore the Tour for the first time as we were doing a lot of walking in Pittsburgh’s Strip district and kept remarking over how comfortable they were. I mean really comfortable.

If you are looking for a winter boot, please note that although these are waterproof, they are not insulated. Both the Original Tall and Original Tour are best for rain and light snow. I wear these back and forth to work, but I don’t have a ton of walking during my commute. For me, I wear these with either the fleece inserts or a fleece sock and they provide enough warmth. However, if you are someone who’s commute is primarily walking, I would certainly recommend a warmer winter boot.

Have any of you tried either the Tour or Tall boots to offer your own reviews?
Do you have any recommendations on petite-friendly light wash denim?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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