The Perfect Pair: Camo and Chambray

The other day at work, one of my superiors asked me if I had any nicknames. In other words, was there a name I wanted to be called instead of plain old Lauren. (This is kind of funny on its own since I’m about to celebrate my five year anniversary there, so this question seems a bit belated, but hey–that’s okay.)

I didn’t have a ton of nicknames growing up, most of them revolved around my maiden name and now sound foreign, but the one that has been the most common over the last ten years has been “LBB”. I’ve attributed its popularity to the fact that many standard email addresses and usernames in the college and the corporate world consist of some form of the person’s initials–to the point that we are sometimes referred to solely as our usernames.

Nonetheless, I’ve grown to adore being called “LBB,” and appreciate it for its no-nonsense simplicity. (My last name also started with a “B,” so this nickname is also one of the few that’s stuck pre- and post-marriage.) And because my “nickname” has become my initials, I have also developed a recent appreciation for personalized pieces. Only recently have I invested in a handful of monogrammed pieces, and I love the few that I have.

Madewell Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

One of which is this ex-boyfriend chambray shirt–hands-down one of my go-to weekend staples. How can it not be? It goes with anything, its longer length is flattering as a tunic, and it’s super comfortable. It is the perfect companion to these camo cargo pants . Add in the rest of the usual weekend wear: aviators, signet bag (also a monogrammed favorite), converse sneakers, and you instantly have a perfect fall outfit.

J.Crew Camo Cargo Pants

These backordered camo pants finally came last week, and I absolutely love them (my love for camo continues here, here, and here)! The pair I’m wearing is the size 25, so they are a little long on me. In this post, I rolled them up one hem length so that they would fall at the ankle. I’m not sure that they are worth taking to a tailor for a simple hem, so I plan to continue rolling them or hemming them myself when I have some extra time (ha). Other than that, the rest of the fit is comfortable and flattering–very similar to these cargo pants (fit review in post).

Pearls for Pups 8mm Earrings

I also want to take a moment to highlight these Pearls for Pups earrings. My lovely new friend Jenna, founder and president of the organization, kindly sent me this beautiful pair of 8 mm earrings in the Beagle color. I kid you not when I say that I have worn them every single day since. I’m wearing the 12 mm in this post, and if you haven’t read it, that post contains a great interview with Jenna and the story behind Pearls for Pups. These earrings would make the most perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list this year–dog lover or not–and as a bonus, you’ll support a great cause!

All pieces of this look are linked below.

camo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king
Earring proceeds benefit animal rescues–they are the perfect Christmas gifts!

camo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and kingcamo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king  camo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king   camo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king camo pants-fall outfit-@wellesleynking-wellesley and king


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