Packing Light: Thanksgiving Weekend + FREE Packing Planners

Thanksgiving is officially less than one week away. I like to plan ahead so that I don’t feel so rushed or anxious on travel days (even though I inevitably do). One of the best things I’ve found to help me is planning my outfits in advance and making sure that I don’t overpack. I really hate unpacking, so packing lightly is a major time saver when visiting is over.packing light outfits


Any time I start to pack, I mentally run through the below list of items and make sure that I have the necessities:

If I’ve got those, and I’m sure that I’m working within the same color palette, I know that I will have something suitable for  whatever events I have going on. I’ve put together a few sample outfits for you below. You can really mix and match any pieces you want here as long as you stay within the same color palette. I like to create these blog posts as a baseline and then see what items I have in my closet that are equivalent.

packing light outfits





To make your packing and outfit planning even easier, I wanted to share my own planning guides with you. To get started, click the link below!

wellesley and king-free printables-@wellesleynking



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  1. 11.18.16
    Anonymous said:

    I read the title of this and thought yes ! I totally need to read this post as I have three large suitcases next to the door for our trip home

    • 11.18.16
      Lauren said:

      Haha! If I didn’t plan, I would also have three large suitcases next to the door!