Packing Light: Labor Day Weekend

Sometimes packing for travel can seem like such a daunting task. There have been times where I’ve spent [what seems like] hours sitting on the floor just staring up at the closet trying to decide what to wear. And then, after all those hours, just pulling out a bunch of random items and throwing them into a duffel. Am I the only one? To avoid that, I now try to plan ahead and put some thought into my packing list, to ensure that I’m picking items that can be mixed and matched, and that all fall within a coordinating color scheme.

My own Labor Day Weekend packing list is shown below, along with several options for how to style the chosen items. You really can create a ton of looks with only these few pieces!

packing light labor day weekend

To help you see how easily you can create many looks out of only a few pieces, I’ve assembled a few different outfits for you below.

Whether you are attending out door festivals, having a family picnic, going to dinner with friends, or just lounging inside, there is an outfit combination that works for the occasion.

packing light labor day weekend

If you’re traveling this weekend–and even if you’re not–I hope this post was helpful to you! You can easily apply this list to a capsule wardrobe, or any kind of week long trip.



packing light labor day weekend

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  1. 8.31.16
    Monica said:

    This is really helpful! I usually pack what seems like 1/2 of my closet and only need a few pieces. I’m making it a goal to pack light for the upcoming holiday weekend! Thanks ?

    • 9.1.16
      Lauren said:

      Doing these posts forces me to think in advance about what I should pack, otherwise I would do the same thing as you! Here’s hoping we’re both successful at packing light this weekend. :)

  2. 9.8.16
    Alane Eckert said:

    I love the versatility of these 11 pieces. Classic but fun. I will be sharing these ideas with my daughter who is a college freshman this year. Thanks. Love your blog!

    • 9.9.16
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much, Alane. I’m glad you found my blog, and glad that this post was helpful! I actually packed nearly this exact list to go home last weekend and it worked out great. Packing can be such a chore, but it’s not so bad with a little thoughtful planning!