Are You Utilizing This Area of Your Closet?

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it is clutter. In our home, every item has a place and should remain in said space any time it’s not in use. I adore my label maker, and have containers for my containers. That is just the way it is. I’m also a huge proponent in leaving no space unused–especially important for those of you, like us, who live in a very small apartment or home. Space is sacred, and there’s just no extra room for clutter.

That is why I fell in love with these custom over-the-door closet systems.

I’ve seen several similar (and less expensive) options at Target, Walmart, and Wayfair, but what drew me to this version from the Container Store was its endless customizations. We purchased a version for our bedroom closet and one for our walk-in “everything else” closet.


  • Available in pre-built systems or sold separately for totally custom projects

  • Priced around $100 per system (but depend on your options)

  • Come in two colors: white or grey

  • Available in basket or mesh styles

  • Vary in style/option to include wrapping paper station, hooks, peg board, and baskets


closet door organization-pittsburgh fashion blogger-wellesley and king

This system is perfect for storing handbags and accessories because it allows you to see all of your items in one place, and effectively uses ALL of the available space. Before installing this over-the-door solution, all of the space towards the bottom of the door was completely unused and, instead, these handbags were taking up valuable closet space by our clothes. Using the door was a much more efficient use of the space, and allowed us to take advantage of under-utilized areas.


closet door organization-pittsburgh fashion blogger-wellesley and king
Photo: Rose Colored Creative

More than the handbag store, this over-the-door system is PERFECT for storing our medical supplies and paper products. Before, we had a shelving rack inside the closet where you had to climb over the laundry hamper and vaccuum cleaner to grab a roll of toilet paper. Or, God forbid, you need to find some Advil–you had to struggle through all of the above, plus dig through some bins to find what you needed. Now, everything we use on a regular basis is easily accessible. This is one of those simple changes that makes a huge impact.


closet door organization-pittsburgh fashion blogger-wellesley and king

Depending on which options you choose, the thickness can vary. Regardless, you’re only looking at a few inches of space (meaning, you shouldn’t have any trouble closing your door the whole way). Also, the options you choose may vary based on what you plan to store. For example, you’ll notice in our Closet 2 option above, we’re storing medical supplies. These are typically smaller items with a tendency to slip through cracks (e.g. pills, extra dental floss/toothbrushes, etc.). For us, the mesh option was the best choice as it prevents the possibility of anything falling out.

For the handbags, on the other hand, the basket option allows me to easily see all available pieces without obstructing the view. Separately, having the rail option with added hooks on the top means that I can store larger purses or hanging items that are too wide for the door baskets.

closet door organization-pittsburgh fashion blogger-wellesley and king


After having this installed for just over a month, I can certainly give this product a ringing endorsement. Still, I understand that it is on the pricier side and that, if you’re not willing to invest a ton of money into organizational items (though I always find them to be worth the investment), then there are some very similar options also on the market. Buying an off-the-shelf option will likely mean that you’re compromising on customizations but that might be totally fine for you.

Arnie and I agree that–at least for us–this is an investment that can easily transition from one home to the next and that has endless uses. Because of that, we consider it money well spent, and it’s certainly made life a lot easier!

What’s the best storage solution you’ve found? Are you using any items to creatively organize a space? Share your ideas in the comments below so I can check them out!

What are your thoughts?

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