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Hey there, everyone.  Arnie here, Lauren’s husband.  Lauren has enlisted me to share my picks for men from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#Nsale) currently running now until August 7.

Let me introduce myself real quick here: I am an attorney by trade; I’m into sports–all sports, playing, watching, fantasy, etc.; I enjoy playing golf (read: trying to play golf); checking out live music when I can; and just generally hanging out.  Dude stuff–pretty straightforward.  I don’t consider myself particularly stylish, but being married to a personal style blogger has certainly opened my eyes to the importance of keeping a stylish, yet classic, timeless wardrobe.  Lauren’s philosophy is that if you build a closet filled with classic, quality pieces that make you look good and feel great, you’ll be more confident, reduce stress, and save money.  I’m totally on board with this, mostly because if you fill your drawers with quality, timeless pieces, it means fewer trips to the mall, less time spent trying on clothes, and more time for the aforementioned dude stuff.  So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the goods.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Picks

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Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress Shirt (#1) + ‘Gab’ Trim Fit Flat Front Pant (#2)

If you’re like me and spend much of your workday in an office setting, you’ll need plenty of dress shirts and pants.  I’m a sucker for blue, so these two pieces instantly caught my eye.  Patterned shirts are highly versatile–you could add a tie for a slightly more formal work look, add a blazer for date night, or wear it as is–and flat front pants are what the kids are wearing these days (so I’m told).  Throw on these 1850 cap toes (#9) on your way out the door and you’re ready to grab a cup ‘o joe on your morning commute or a brewski at happy hour.

Burberry Watch (#10)

You know that smiley emoji with the hearts for eyes?  That’s how I feel about this watch.  The champagne face makes it a perfect fit for light grey suiting–one of my favorite combinations.  I had planned on writing a 5,000 word essay here about the beauty of the classic Burberry plaid, but unfortunately, this particular watch sold out [tears streaming from eyes emoji].  However, the all black version is pretty sweet, too, and it’s not every day you can snag a Burberry timepiece for under $400.

Chukka Boot (#5)

What the heck does “chukka” mean anyway?  <googles frantically> Ah, “the name chukka possibly comes from the game of polo, where a chukker is a period of play.”  Thanks, wikipedia.  Chukkas are my go-to footwear from Labor Day to Thanksgiving.  I wear them everywhere.  This particular Cole Haan offering comes in a variety of colors and materials making them a breeze to mix and match.  You can wear these boots with just about anything–jeans, khakis, chinos–it’s all good.  Also, did you know the light brown suede chukkas are called “desert boots” because British troops wore them in the Western Desert Campaign during WWII?  Thanks again, wikipedia.


So, that’s a little bit about the clothes in the collage.  Below, you’ll find a few pieces I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.  Thanks for reading my wife’s blog, everyone.  Happy shopping!



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