The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing. If you’ve got early access, you can start shopping now. The sale opens to the public on July 21. Items are already beginning to sell out, but don’t be alarmed, things go in and out of stock throughout the sale as people receive orders and return pieces that don’t work out.

Personally, I’ll be shopping the sale online–the availability of petite sizing is much more abundant online. I linked some of my personal favorites below.  You can also shop some of the most popular categories by clicking the following links:

Outerwear & Jackets
Petite Clothing
Mules & Slides

This sale is the perfect time to purchase early Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, or–of course–to invest in your own wardrobe. For most, me included, this is arguably the best sale of the whole year, so happy shopping!






The ones in my own cart:

I personally use this sale as an opportunity to save on some classic investment pieces: sleek outerwear, a staple turtleneck, well-fitting jeans, and my beauty staples. Items like this–because they ARE staples–don’t often go on sale, so I love that I can grab a few of them at a lower price point before the season even starts.

Full disclosure: items sell out FAST, but as people receive their orders and send back returns, many items are restocked throughout the sale. If you see something you really love, don’t be afraid to bookmark it and check back later. Odds are good that it’ll turn up!

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  • One week until Christmas. How on earth did this happen?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to watch a single Christmas movie or bake any cookies. Anyone else feeling like the holidays came out of nowhere this year?! #holidaygiftideas #maternityfashion #christmasoutfit #holidaystyle
  • Soon enough ill be able to enjoy a cocktail again. Until then, i just photographed these for you guys.💕 #wellesleyandking #theblogsocieties #cocktailrecipe # #pittsburghfashionblogger #livebeautifully #tnchustler #chooselovely
  • Getting ready to take this little number for a spin this weekend. Here’s hoping I can fit my swollen feet into some halfway cute shoes! #holidaystyle #inspirepregnancy #maternityfashion #lbd (link in bio to shop fellow mamas-to-be!💕)
  • Getting ready feels like such a chore nowadays with this belly in the way. BUT when I do feel like making myself look halfway presentable, I always use my @t3micro curling irons and wands. Nothing curls my hair faster or keeps the curl longer. Definitely worth the investment—great holiday gift idea for those on your list, too! #unsponsored #beautygifts #holidaygiftideas
  • The details of our baby shower/gender reveal from last weekend are on today! #genderrevealparty #babyshower #babywellesley #wellesleyandking
  • How many of you guys send out Christmas cards? Do you get professional photos for them? It’s one of my favorite Holiday traditions and definitely the most fun season for mail! #holidayphotoshoot #christmascards2018 #jcrew #inspirepregnancy

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