Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best Home Finds


  1. Picnic Baskets – It’s summer time, so pack up some wine, cheese, and fresh bread and enjoy being outside. I am so guilty of spending more time than I should working, instead of relaxing. Maybe a picnic basket as cute as this one would be the motivation I need to spend an afternoon relaxing in the park.
  2. Sheets – Such a practical purchase, but one that always feels like a treat. There’s nothing like a fresh set of sheets–for you or as a gift–they never go unappreciated.
  3. Throw Pillows – Maybe it’s a female thing, but it feels like you can never have enough throw pillows (I picture Arnie vehemently disagreeing with me as I type this). Throw pillows make a room feel like home in the simplest way.
  4. Throw Blankets – I am a little weird and actually prefer to set the temperature low so that I can curl up in layers and throw blankets. There’s something about lying on the couch without a blanket that just makes me feel naked. (I said I was weird, I know.) I enjoy a soft throw blanket to curl up in, preferably one that is lightweight during these warmer months. They just add that extra element of coziness to your home.-
  5. Two Wick Candles – This gift set would be perfect given as a gift, or spread through different larger rooms in your house. I love to have multiple candles burning at once, and this set contains complementary scents that smell delightful when burning together.
  6. Diffusers – I am intrigued by these diffusers, they seem to be all the rage these days. I would be willing to give this little guy a try while he’s on sale, just to give the home a clean fresh scent throughout the day.
  7. Area Rugs – The amount of seriously great area rugs that are included in this sale is not to be overlooked. Area rugs are darn expensive no matter when you buy them but, during this sale, you can find some great larger options for $200-$300, which is about what you’ll spend at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx for a quality rug. Definitely worth giving them a look.
  8. Mini Candles – I use these Voluspa mini candles in my bathroom and my desk since those are the smallest areas in our apartment. For being so small, they have lasting power and the scents are fragrant enough to pleasantly fill the room without becoming intoxicating.

Have you picked up any Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home items?

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