New Year, New Direction – Why I Almost Quit Blogging

Yes, you read correctly–over the last few months, I contemplated, on more than one occasion, putting Wellesley & King to rest.

From a blogging perspective, 2017 was filled with amazing opportunities. I was able to attend two events with the Blog Societies, which allowed me to learn some incredibly helpful tools to make this blog a better, more useful space for all of you. I attended several networking events here in Pittsburgh, where I was inspired by and joined fellow bloggers, designers, and other creatives to start building a fashion movement in this little city of ours. And, through Wellesley & King Photography, I was able to meet some truly amazing business owners and entrepreneurs that have inspired me in completely new ways.

Yet, among all of these great opportunities, I found myself fighting my way through the comparison game, doing what I felt like I had to in order to be a “successful” blogger. The truth is, over the last year, blogging has made me feel pressured to constantly be buying the latest and greatest, wearing items once for a blog post, and then [way more often than I’d like to admit] never wearing them again. It’s insanity, and, honestly, a little ridiculous. I began to find the entire thing exhausting–to the point that only a few months ago I considered giving up on blogging altogether.

But then I realized no one is forcing me to be THAT kind of blogger.

There is nothing stopping me from wearing something that I’ve happily had in my closet for years, maybe even a decade, and showcasing it’s versatility even now–years later. And you know what? There are many pieces in my closet that do fall into that category–the majority, in fact. The clothes that I wear–like, really reach for on a daily basis–are ones that I’ve had and loved forever.

I tried the capsule wardrobe, which you may remember from this post. It was a good experiment; I learned a lot. But it was really restrictive for me (as someone who appreciates new fashion), and my boredom got the best of me.

There were, however, aspects of the process that I am totally on board with–the main point being: SIMPLIFY.

Over the last year, my closet got–to my standards–out of control in terms of quantity. I felt like I was drowning just trying to keep up with other bloggers, and, let’s be real here, a girl could go broke trying to do that. Every time I looked at my closet, I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of options that I just wanted to throw everything away and start over (which, unless you’re a Kardashian, isn’t really a feasible option).

This post has been a long time coming for me. So…here’s where I’m at.

the Cleanout

I just spent a good eight(ish) hours removing everything from my closet, separating it all into two piles: (1) things I wear all the time, and (2) everything else. It was possibly the fastest closet cleanout I’ve ever done, and I put back only the items that I wear constantly.

I didn’t throw anything away, I simply stored them for a trial separation period. If I go reaching for something, or feeling like I don’t have enough items (which I doubt will be the case), then I know it’s right there, safely within reach. There are no set rules on how many items need to be there, instead I just stuck to that very simple rule: keep only what you wear all the time.

In general, my “new” wardrobe contains aspects of the capsule experiment that I appreciate: a core collection of favorites that I truly love and that represent my lifestyle. I plan to add in select pieces to that core wardrobe through the year and for different seasons–just not so many that you’ll see an entirely new outfit in every single blog post. This year, you’ll see many outfits that incorporate my existing favorites (no matter how long I’ve had them), along with those new additions.

Because of that though, I may not always be able to find an exact piece for you from an outfit that I’m featuring. I’ll always do my best to find you the most similar pieces that I can to recreate the looks but,

this is about learning to build a sustainable, long-term relationship with our wardrobes,

so there may be times when I can’t find an exact match. I hope you can forgive me in those situations and stick around to see what happens.

Happy 2018 – I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!


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  1. 1.3.18
    Tracy said:

    YES! This. So much of this. I’ve been struggling with merry-go-round of buying, wearing, posting, repeat, too. And it goes against everything I stand for in terms of being environmentally friendly and sustainable. I definitely need to do a clean-out in a major way, and you’ve just inspired me to tackle it soon. I don’t know if I can go as extreme as you (you’re a QUEEN for being so savage with your separating!), but I definitely need a new perspective on my closet.

    Thank you for this post, Lauren!

    • 1.7.18

      Absolutely. I think 2017 got the best of me, losing sight of what Wellesley & King is about at its core, and instead trying to keep up with others who have nothing to do with my mission. I’m ready to refocus in 2018. I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone though, we can do it together! 🙂