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Though I live in Pittsburgh, and though Steeler fans are among the most devout in NFL history, my husband is a HUGE Patriots fan. I am certainly not a die-hard sports fan on any level, so I tell people that I cheer for the Patriots because I like “their costumes”.

I will say, however, that his passion for football is something to be admired. He knows all of the ins and outs, is involved in numerous fantasy leagues and patiently teaches me a thing or two along the way.

For you ladies who are big sports fans yourselves or those of you who root for teams along with your men, I got this tee at Victoria’s Secret, and the sweatshirt a few years back at Forever21. When Sundays roll around, I sport my gear right alongside Arnie, and these options have made team spirit just a little more stylish.

Anyway, how is it Monday already?! Back to work for another week..


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  • Yesterday was so crazy that I forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so here’s a sweet photo of my two favorite valentines one day late. I hope you all had days filled with love! 💕 #valentines #newdaddy #daddysgirl #myvalentine #thehappynow
  • You said it, sister. Finding childcare has us like 😵  #babygirl #newmom #momlife
  • Adjusting to motherhood has been filled with ups and downs, but darn it, every time that little girl looks at me, my whole heart aches with love for her. #newmom #momlife #babygirl
  • Today was in the 50s and, after the polar vortex, felt like it might as well be summertime! I’m ready to bust out pastels and white jeans already! #springstyle #sscollective #jcrewalways #everdaymadewell
  • Welcome February. The month of flowers, chocolate, and all things love. #valentines #4121main #weekendbouquet
  • With these below freezing temps, the heat in our apartment can’t keep up. That meant we all had to do some serious snuggling last night. Josie didn’t seem to mind one bit though 🤱🏻 She is a magnet to snuggles.
What are you guys going to stay warm during the polar vortex? I can’t wear enough layers! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Speaking of, I linked this down parka on my Poshmark. After our little one arrived, it became even more important to make room for only the essentials—which meant having only one parka (against my will). Great color and quality, per usual, from @eddiebauer for anyone in need! I linked my whole closet in my bio and on the blog to see more!
#myposhmark #konmari #closetcleanout #poshmarkstyle #newmomlife

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