The No-Kidding Must-Have Items for Baby: 3-6 Months

must have items for baby 3-6 months

As our little ones grow–which happens entirely too fast–the things they need changes, too. Now that we’re over six months in with Josie, I’m sharing our must-have items for babies from 3 to 6 months. (If you’re expecting a little one soon, you might want to check out my list for babies 0-3 months, too.) Of course, all babies are different and every family situation is, too. These items are the ones that have made our lives so much easier these last three months. Hopefully they’ll work for you, too!

Major milestones in 3-6 months: solid foods, drooling, rolling over, bath time fun

Must-Have Items for Baby 3-6 Months


Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Once Josie was three months old, we transitioned her from the swaddle to the sleep suit. At three months old, babies still have the startle reflex that can wake them up throughout the night but, at that point, they’re also starting to consistently get out of their swaddles. The sleep sake was a life-saver because it provided that feeling of security, like the swaddle or like a car seat, but allowed her a bit more freedom to move around. It also kept her warm, and since she was still too little to sleep with blankets in her crib, that was important during the late winter/early spring months. Even now, we keep her in the sleep suit for naps and nighttime and she’s going on seven months old. Though Josie could roll over from her back to her belly (oddly, she rarely did it the other way around), she would often get to her belly and then get scared/uncomfortable/annoyed and couldn’t get herself onto her back. The sleep suit kept her from rolling over, so we didn’t have to worry about her accidentally rolling over and waking herself up. (At this point, she is strong enough to roll over, even with the sleep suit on, but it’s still more challenging for her.) I credit her full nights of sleep to this suit–ridiculous as it looks, it’s really amazing. We actually bought a backup, too, so that when one was in the laundry she could still take good naps.


8 ounce bottles

I went back to work at three months, which meant that Josie was getting bottles for most of her feedings. We still love the Kiinde system, but have also transitioned her to the Boon Nursh bottles. They are “boob-like” and made of BPA-free silicone. At six months, she’s consistently drinking 8 ounce bottles, so the need for larger bottles was a must-have.

Silicone Bib

Solid foods are MESSY. Like, really, really messy. The silicone bibs are awesome because you just wipe them clean or throw them in the dishwasher and call it a day. You’ll definitely want one that has a catch-all bottom to collect all the food that inevitably misses the mouth!

Squirt Spoon

Solid foods is one of the most fun parts of the 3 to 6 month age. We started solids at 4 months and gradually increased her palette. Because Arnie and I are such food-lovers, we wanted to expose Josie to a lot of options, including various spices and herbs. We put things like cinnamon and nutmeg in her fruits, and garlic in her vegetables. This spoon, in addition to a regular baby spoon, came in handy on the go. If we were going somewhere, we didn’t have to worry about also toting around a bowl and jar of baby food–we simply scooped a few tablespoons into the spoon and hit the road.


Play Mat

Drooling is real between 3 and 6 months. I mean, the girl is like a faucet. That, along with all of the tummy time causing spit up, had us tiring of constantly cleaning the carpet. This play mat is quickly and easily wiped clean with a babyganics all-purpose wipe (which we keep right in her toy box) and she’s on her way. We considered getting one of the mats that fits together like a puzzle, but I felt like some of that spit up would just get caught in the cracks. This being one piece seemed like a better option, and the simplistic, reversible style was definitely appealing.


Between 3-6 months, your baby will probably become less interested in sleeping in the stroller and more interested in looking around. We love this easy-to-use stroller, and definitely recommend getting the stroller organizer to go with it.

Play Gym

The play gym was a lot of fun between 3 and 6 months. First, it was just a great tool to practice batting, and afterwards was a great tool for grasping and playing. She spent a ton of time with her gym, and still does today at 26 weeks. As an aside, I love the Lovevery play gym. We did not buy it simply because we didn’t have the room in our small apartment–it doesn’t easily fold up for when baby isn’t playing, and we just don’t have that kind of space. If you do though, I think it’s the best modern and functional play gym on the market.


Even if you think they don’t understand, reading to your babies is so important, even at this young of age. I have loved these Little People, Big Dreams books. They are educational, inspiring, and filled with beautiful, contrasting images that capture her attention.


The bouncer seat is a great option for those moments when you need to get other things done but also need to make sure baby isn’t getting into trouble. I would put Josie in the bouncer and cook dinner. She was entertained being able to watch me, and I would just talk to her and tell her what I was doing as I worked. Once she was able to roll over, I definitely needed a way to keep her safe in one spot.


Bath Mat

Bath time is a form of playtime, and outgrowing the sink happened way too quickly! This bath mat has been perfect for allowing her to splash around in the tub–she loves it! It’s her favorite time of the day and we’re excited to add bath toys to the nighttime routine now that she’s more active!

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