#NSale: Everything You Need to Know

This Thursday is the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I cannot wait! Here’s the quick and dirty on everything you need to know to prepare for [no joke] the best sale of the year!

  1. To shop early, you have to have the Nordstrom credit or debit card. Apply today for a Nordstrom-only store card, or make this your personal favorite credit card and get the Visa card to gain points on all your purchases, anywhere you shop.Personally, I’ve only ever been a store card holder, but I have friends who use this as their primary credit card, and get a ton of rewards by doing so. For this sale alone, it’s totally worth the perks. I remember last year, some of my favorite pieces sold out before the sale even opened to the public (only one week later!).
  2. Save on fall’s hottest trends before the season starts. Everything from great denim, to structured work dresses, to chic ankle booties, to top beauty and home exclusive will be on sale. If you’re like me and like to buy your Christmas gifts early, this is the time to shop! Fall is seemingly everyone’s favorite season to shop clothing, so the fact that we can get the newest trends  ON SALE at the beginning of the season is so exciting!
  3. Things sell out fast! Do yourself a favor and earmark the catalog for items you’ve got your eye on. There’s no doubt that this sale is so hot that pieces sell out quickly. Last year, I got this sleeveless sweater that I’ve worn no less than 50 times, but it had sold out during early access and [unfortunately] wasn’t restocked.


Be sure to check back in on Friday, and I’ll be sharing a round-up of my favorite sale picks! In the meantime, take a look at that catalog!

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