Try These 3 Super Simple Tips On Your Next Closet Detox

Cleaning out your closet can feel like a daunting task, but with these three really simple tips, you’re bound to have an effective closet cleanout.

Especially as I get older, I’m really focusing on this idea of streamlining my closet into a perfectly curated representation of my style.  Because of that, my closet edits are ongoing. I review my wardrobe, and add and delete every few months. Through all of these closet edits, I’ve learned that there’s three incredibly simple things you can do to ensure a smooth cleanout.


closet cleanout tips

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Before your closet cleanout, get yourself ready for the day. Literally.

Tip #1: Put on your best face.

Do your hair. Do your makeup. Put on neutral undergarments.  You want to prep yourself so that, as you try on clothes, you can get an actual feel for what they will look like as part of a planned ensemble.

If you’re trying on clothes with mussed up hair, without wearing your normal make-up, you won’t feel like “yourself” in anything that you put on.

Tip #2: Give yourself a neutral base.

Any good closet cleanout starts with removing everything from your closet and, painful as it is, trying on every single item. In order to make that process just a little bit less painful, I like to start out wearing my favorite jeans and a long-sleeved fitted t-shirt. That way, you have a neutral base for trying on any tops, and any bottoms. You’ll be amazed at how the two pieces work with any top or bottom you have to try on.

Tip #3: Pour yourself a glass of wine and play some music.

Most people don’t necessarily look forward to a closet cleanout, so do your best to make the process enjoyable. Have some wine, put on your favorite iTunes playlist, and start trying on clothes. Your goal is to get yourself in a positive mindset. I promise it will go faster than you think once you get started!

That’s it, three simple steps. Now, how does a closet cleanout sound for this weekend?!


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    I have a client who wants closet detox SPECIALLY before he travels, He is based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. please let me know if you do visit riyadh and how much your rate? Also his sister might need your help as well. it will not be the client.
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