The No-Kidding Must-Have Items for Baby: 6-9 Months

Do you or does someone you know have a little one entering the six to nine months stage? Now that we’re on our way to one year, I’m going back to share some of the no-kidding must-have items for baby during the 6-9 month stage (arguably one of my favorite stages, yet!).

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If you’re new here, you may not know that we’re a family living in a pretty small home, which means that we only have room for the NO-KIDDING must-haves, and not much more! That said, it’s definitely doable to have a baby AND live in a small space; you just have to be judicious.


No-Kidding Must-Have Items for Baby: 6-9 Months:

High Chair – It’s really important to us to teach our daughter how to eat at the table for meals. With that in mind, we found that this high chair (which attaches right to the table) to be a great option for allowing her to sit at the table with us. This particular model has been great because not only does it attach directly to the table, it also folds up flat and comes with its own built-in carrying case, making it super easy for restaurants or travel. The clips are very sturdy and adjust to different table thicknesses, so it is incredibly versatile. Besides that, for those of you also in a small apartment, it’s a bonus that we don’t have another piece of furniture taking up space, which is the case for many standalone high chairs.

Splat MatRight up there with the high chair is the splat mat. I looked at more expensive versions (the Gathre options really are beautiful), but couldn’t beat this affordable option that can easily be tossed into the washer. Again, living in a small space, our eating area is very close to our living space. In order to save the rug, we put this splat mat–which is minimal enough to fit into our decor– to be a great way to catch everything that doesn’t quite make it into Josie’s mouth (which seems to be more and more! :))

Lovevery Play Kit – Before we get started, I KNOW the price point on these kits can seem high at first, BUT I think they are SO worth the investment. First of all, all of the pieces are made of safe, sustainable materials. Beyond that, every piece is as well-made as it is beautiful; the quality is just outstanding. The kits align with the Montessori learning style, and each one comes with a guide book teaching you how to use the play kits to help your little one develop.

We haven’t purchased ALL of the kits, simply because they are on the expensive side and also because there can be some overlap between them. So far, we’ve purchased the 0-2 month, 7-8 month, and 9-10 month kits. What I’ve noticed with the kits is that Josie interacts with them differently as she develops. So, although now she’s far beyond the 0-2 month stage, she still loves the black and white cloth ball, and the wooden book that came with that play kit. She loves to take her stacking cups from the 7-8 month kid into the tub and play with them in the water for practice filling and pouring, and she gets so excited every time she drinks from her small metal cup (we’re talking the biggest, cheesiest smile ever)!

That all said, we keep it pretty minimal and the play kits are really the only toys we have in the space. They really keep her interested and continue to grow with her as develops.

Cup with Straw – Since Josie goes to daycare, we had to provide a cup with a straw

Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook – This little book has been a lifesaver for us. Let me say that, right or wrong, I’ve never been one to pay a ton of attention to nutrition. My knowledge ends with, “if it comes in a package, I probably shouldn’t be eating it,” and that’s basically the logic that I apply to my daughter’s food, plus a few more restrictions when it comes to sugar and refined grains. Arnie and I both felt strongly about exposing her to a variety of foods when she is younger to help her develop a palette that isn’t limited to sugar and processed foods. This cookbook is chock full of great ideas that really ARE super easy. We usually end up doing a few recipes on the weekend (takes about an hour) and those will lasts us for several weeks, and allow us to mix up the variety in her meals each day.

Locking Baby Food Jars – The ones we use are actually from IKEA, but the set I linked from Amazon comes with more in the package, and are also relatively inexpensive. The reason I like these jars is that they’re easy to travel with and tightly seal, so I don’t have to worry about spills. You can heat them up in a bottle warmer, and they’re the perfect size for an infant-sized meal.

Childproof Cabinet Locks – As soon as your little one is crawling, they’ll want to get into every cabinet and drawer they can get their tiny hands on. I really liked this option for cabinet-proofing because, unlike other options, they are invisible from the outside. Some of our kitchen cabinets actually do not have knobs either (some of the proofing sets require knobs or handles), so they were the perfect option.

Bath Toys – As your little one grows, bath time becomes just another time to play throughout their very busy day. I found these boon gears and pipes on Amazon, and we stick them right inside the wall on our tub. Josephine likes to take them off the wall, use them to help her stand, and spin the gears to make noise. It’s one of those toys that will grow with her as she understands more. Right now, she thinks it’s so fun to see the water poured through the pipes and coming out the bottom.

Moms on Call 6-15 MonthsMoms on Call has been our lifesaver for keeping Josephine on a great sleep schedule as she grows. Your little one will most likely experience some phases of sleep regression as they start to learn more and more, usually around 4 and 8 months. I’ve heard it likened to times when adults have big projects going on at work, and so have a hard time sleeping. Your little one experiences a similar reaction when they’re learning so many things at once (crawling, standing, walking, etc.) It’s a lot for them! That said, when Josephine hit that phase, we found comfort in the Moms on Call guidance that helped us to understand it is just a phase and how to help her through it. It only took her one night to get back on schedule!

That’s it! Our no-kidding must-have items for babies 6-9 months! Other mamas, what did you love for your little ones in the 6-9 period? And, since we’re almost there ourselves, what did you love from 9-12 months and into the first year?

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