Sneak Peek: Our Modern Bedroom Design with Havenly

Today I’m sharing a sneak peek of our modern bedroom design with Havenly and I cannot wait to hear what you think!

After moving into our house, I knew I wanted to take my time during the design process. First, it’s totally overwhelming to design an entire home at once. More than that, it’s expensive! We’re only at the beginnings of the design process and tackling one room at a time.

Before we go any further, I need to admit that I have am a commitment-phobe. Like, even hanging up photos on the wall can be too permanent for me. (I know, it’s pretty ridiculous.) Because of this, I agonize over every little detail, usually thinking I want some color, but end up picking something super neutral so that “I won’t get sick of it.” Inevitably, I end up feeling like the space is dull and regret not going for something with a little more oomph.

We moved into our new home right before the stay-at-home order. Trying to get things unpacked and organized, while keeping track of a toddler, meant that decorating was not even on my priority list. We have yet to hang a single photo on the wall–though we did manage to hang two mirrors. Does that count for anything?

That’s when I decided to use Havenly.

I had known about Havenly for years but, because we were always in rentals, I knew it didn’t make sense to invest in furniture for a “temporary” home (even though it was technically seven years of temporary). If you’re unfamiliar with Havenly, it’s an online design service company. You pay a flat fee to have a professional design your space, and then the designer makes a commission off of any of the items that you purchase from your design. They have a “happiness guarantee,” which means that they will revise the plan, as much or little as necessary, until you love your space.

Since this was our first home, we were more than ready to invest in new furniture and move on from all of our hand-me-downs. It finally felt like the right time to try Havenly’s professional design services.

Step One: Rid Unwanted/Unneeded furniture

Before we started, I decided to sell some of the furniture that I acquired during my apartment days. Facebook marketplace has been super helpful for quickly selling items that we no longer need and making a little extra cash to put towards the new space.

Step Two: Complete Havenly’s Online Questionnaire

You’ll complete a questionnaire that helps to identify your design style, and then one of Havenly’s design specialists will use that information to design your new space. Your designer creates 3 “ideas,” based on the photos and design preferences of your questionnaire. You will then rate each of the three ideas and provide feedback for your designer.

From there, the designer will use your feedback to prepare a concept. The concept will be a complete mock-up of your space, including furniture that you already have. You’ll rate the concept, and work with your designer to hone the details for your final design.

Step Three: Buy with Havenly

Once you and your designer have settled on your perfect space, Havenly places orders for your new items. That was one of my favorite parts of the process–I placed one order through Havenly, even though nearly all of the pieces were from a different retailer. It was so much easier than placing half a dozen orders at different online stores.

At this point, we have received most of our items. Being that we did this design admist COVID-19, shipments are fairly delayed. The last piece to arrive is our headboard, scheduled for sometime in August. 

Ready to see the pieces in our modern bedroom design?

Wall sconces

One of my absolute favorite parts of the final design were these wall sconces. They are sleek, modern, and minimal–they totally fit the style we were aiming for. The best part about these wall sconces is that they are not hardwired into the wall, which means no tricky electrical work (great for us because we’re two of the least handy people you will ever meet). We each have outlets on our sides of the bed, so these were the perfect option for us.

modern wall sconce-wellesley and king mid century bedroom


modern nightstands-wellesley and king midcentury bedroom


These nightstands felt like such an upgrade from the free ones I had gotten from my high school woodshop. That is not a joke, we’ve literally used two nightstands that I got when I was a janitor for my school district during the summers in college. I love the mix of black and brown, and that very small touch of gold. The drawers are such a great feature, and I love that they conceal things like my nightly beauty products and eye mask, which used to always clutter the top of my nightstand.



I don’t think I would have ever chosen this pillow set on my own, but I really loved the color against the black, grey, and white of the other pieces. They’re not overly feminine and add just the right amount of color. Perfect for my phobia of too much color. 🙂

modern pillows-wellesley and king mid century bedroom


modern wall headboard-wellesley and king mid century bedroom


This was another pick that actually surprised me. I would’ve never thought to mix the grey with the off-white bedding. I’m always thinking I need to pair warm colors with warm colors and vice-versa. The pairing of the grey headboard tied in a chair that we already had in the space. Again, I totally loved how this piece was simple but modern and not at all feminine (like our previous headboard, which was from before I lived with Arnie).



We actually already had this rug in the living room at our last apartment. It was one of my favorite pieces from the space but, since our new living room is a much larger space, this rug was too small. We decided to use it in our bedroom, and I was thrilled that the designer built the new look around this existing favorite.

modern rug-wellesley and king mid century bedroom


Wall frames

At first, our designer put various pieces of wall art around the room. However, after seeing the simplicity of the rest of the space, we discussed doing a very simple photo collage instead. I like the idea of just a few frames to keep things looking clean and minimal, and these classic black gallery frames were the perfect option.

A word of advice 

Overall, the Havenly process is pretty seamless, and the designers are so kind and patient. I do want to say one thing though: I chose my own Havenly designer for our bedroom, based on her portfolio of work, and loved the result. However, when I purchased a Havenly design package for our living room (which I actually purchased first), I used the designer that Havenly automatically matched with me. We just didn’t vibe and, after several rounds of revisions, Havenly ended up offering to refund the purchase or match us with a new designer. If you decide to use Havenly, I recommend reviewing the designers yourself and choosing one that fits your style preferences.

I’ll be sure to share the final reveal as soon as I can. I’m genuinely so excited about this modern bedroom design and cannot wait to see it come to life!

Do you think you may want to try Havenly?

As an aside, this is not a sponsored post, and there are no affiliate links for the products listed in this post. I just wanted to share my personal experience. If you’re decorating a home, or just want to upgrade a space–even with only a few touches–I would highly recommend Havenly. It was a really fun process, and I got so excited to see each of the concepts our designer put together. If you think you might want to give it a try, you can get up to $20 off your service by clicking my referral link here. Full disclosure, if you do purchase a design service, I will also get credit to use at their online store.

Did you enjoy our modern bedroom decor?

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