Making Trends Work For You: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are in full force, and I happen to love them. Below are four tips to make them work for you, too!

Before we go any further, let’s be clear that not every trend works for everyone and if there’s one that just isn’t you, then feel free to take a pass on it. But, if there’s a trend that you adore, find a way to make it work for you. Let’s take jumpsuits for example…

summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

First things first, color matters.

These are one-and-done styles, just like dresses, so you should pick a color that flatters you and your natural tones (related read: Are You Wearing the Right Colors?). For my light skin and naturally dark hair, when it comes to pale colors, I’ve found that cool tones (like shades of lavender or slate blues) are what looks best on my skin and hair. With a head-to-toe piece of clothing, making sure the color doesn’t wash you out is key. You can’t go wrong with body-slimming black, but be more careful when you’re choosing shade of pink or cream.


summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

Define the waist.

Jumpsuits can be incredibly flattering, and can also work for a variety of occasions (related read: Jumpsuits for Dressy Occasions). Making sure that the style you choose has a defined waist and, more importantly, falls at your waist will allow it to work it’s intended magic, and flatter your womanly shape.


summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynkingsummer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

Go Wide

In my opinion, choosing a jumpsuit with a wide leg style over a skinny leg opening is flattering on more people. For us shorties, we can pretend to be taller by adding a heel to a floor skimming hemline. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few lucky girls who can wrong the skinny leg jumpsuit (take Jennifer Lopez for example), but for the rest of us, it’s a little bit harder.


summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

Use Accessories to Make It Yours

You can make any trend yours by incorporating your favorite accessories. Almost every day, I wear my dainty gold jewelry, so it always feels the most “me” when I’m wearing my stud earrings and simple gold necklace. I also wear these neutral sunglasses with nearly every outfit, so these are a no-brainer as well. I’m sure you have your favorites, too, and using them will make your overall look feel like a seamless addition to your old favorites.


summer jumpsuit-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking


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