Lawrenceville Cookie Tour and the Shops You Should Visit

Living in a city is so much fun because there is always something to do. This past weekend, that something happened to be a tour of a few local shops in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, incentivised by cookies at each location. 

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit

The cookie tour is a wonderful event for locals and visitors alike. Arnie and I are guilty of visiting neighborhoods for dinner, but not necessarily taking the time to wander through the shops, exploring and seeing what’s new. The cookie event takes you on a tour of Lawrenceville’s most adorable shopping, where you can casually peruse merchandise as you try the cookies at each location. The cookies range from homemade to store bought, and some of the stores even share their recipes with you. I picked up a recipe for a super easy lemon cookie that I’m looking forward to trying out this season.

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit

The cookie tour happened to land us just outside one of our favorite bakeries, La Gourmandine, and Leslie Park Floral. Like most girls, I’m a sucker for florals and, especially this time of year, I love the look of fresh pine covering windows, banisters and front doors. Leslie Park Floral housed several beautiful potted succulents, herbs, dried floral and more, in addition to the array of different greens outside the store.

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit jcrew tartan plaid outfit

As we made our way toward our dinner spot, I also perused Una Biologicals, an independent natural beauty, skincare and wellness store. They had a plethora of teas, organic textiles, creams, and “wonder salves,” as they call them. I find that I’m gravitating more and more towards natural beauty and skincare products, so I was pleased to find this gem of a store.

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit

And of course, it wouldn’t be a successful trip to Lawrenceville without a stop in WildCard, the writer/creative’s dream store. This adorable shop is filled to the brim with novelty gifts and cards, including ribbon and wrapping you can buy off the spools. I could spend hours looking through all of the cards, and small goods this store offers (and, if Arnie’s patience hasn’t run out, I do!).

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit

And, as I mentioned, our trips to Lawrenceville typically revolve around food, so our final stop was to Smoke BBQ Taqueria, one of our favorite taco joints in the city. Be careful if you’re just walking down the street because this eatery is easy to miss, with only a simple etching on the door, and no glaring signs to welcome you in.

If you go, order the “mystery tacos” and let the chef surprise you with a concoction all your own, and, of course, you won’t want to miss the happy hour specials Monday through Friday! The bartenders are friendly and the food is delicious; it’s always a treat to dine at Smoke.

jcrew tartan plaid outfitjcrew tartan plaid outfit

Even though this year’s tour has ended, you can still view the Cookie Tour Map on their website for a listing of participating stores; you may find a new place to check out!

jcrew tartan plaid outfit

( ^ This is really what I looked like through most of the tour…)

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