J.Crew Camo Vest + Red Hunter Boots

Red Hunter Boots + J.Crew Camo Vest | Wellesley & King RedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing6 RedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing7 RedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing8Red Hunter Boots + J.Crew Camo Vest | Wellesley & King


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Side note: Since my last post at the strip district, I found this pair of light wash jeans for $22 on clearance at the GAP! They are the Always Skinny fit in a 0A. I usually wear the 0P, but GAP doesn’t carry petites in stores. The ankle (A) fit is made for a shorter woman, but the all-around measurements are slightly larger than the petite. I think I still prefer the petite fit; these gap a little bit at the waist on me. But, it’s minimal and I don’t run into a pair of  $22 jeans in my size on a clearance rack… well, ever, really.

The Strip District is one of the neatest places in the city to visit. The streets are lined with quaint shops, specialty food stores, and street vendors, selling everything from gourmet donuts and coffee, to fresh flowers, to Steelers attire. It’s also the home of some local favorites: Primanti Bros., Smallman Street Deli, Peace Love & Little Donuts, Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange, DeLuca’s, Mancini’s Bakery (get a pepperoni roll!), Wholey’s Market (pronounced Wool-ee’s), and Pamela’s Diner, among so many others.

I could honestly spend the entire day walking around the strip, browsing the shops and people-watching (the strip is also a great place to see ‘yinzers’ in action). I feel like every time I’m there, I don’t even get to see half of what all they have to offer. Along the main street, Penn Avenue, you’ll find many of these shops, but venture to the back streets and you’ll run into Peace, Love and Little Donuts, the Wine Cellar, and some floral vendors.

I usually take my camera, just because there’s so much inspiration there. On our last trip, we ended up parking at the very end of the strip, closest to Lawrenceville. One of the first shops we walked past was Roxanne’s Dried Flowers–which I had never been in before. This shop had some really pretty dried arrangements, along with beautiful lanterns, and luxury candles and soaps. You could find some really beautiful gifts here if you know a gardner or flower enthusiast.

RedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing9Red Hunter Boots + J.Crew Camo Vest | Wellesley & KingRed Hunter Boots + J.Crew Camo Vest | Wellesley & KingRed Hunter Boots + J.Crew Camo Vest | Wellesley & KingRedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing10 RedHunterBootsandJCrewCamoVest_WellesleyandKing11


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  1. 3.11.15
    rainydayprepster said:

    Great outfit! I love the color of your hunters! They look great on you. I have 6 pairs myself so i freaking love them.

    • 3.11.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks! I really love the Tour version–they are so comfortable! And the red is a nice dose of color compared to my usual black ones, too. A little more fun. 🙂