Worth the Splurge: Investing in a Quality Dress

Do you guys own a piece of clothing that you consider special? I have to think that every woman has one item in her closet that, every time she puts it on, she instantly feels like a million bucks. One of my goals for the year is to weed out any items that don’t make me feel this way. (Okay, well if I feel like nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand bucks, I guess that’s okay, too.) But, in addition to that, I want the items that I do own to feel really special and very much “me.”

For example, I fell instantly in love with this dress the moment I saw it. I loved every detail, from the floral print to the bold black piping, to the adorable ruffles. I felt the same way about this bell sleeved blouse that just screams femininity.

Today, I’m wearing a Kate Spade ensemble that feels special for a number of reasons. First, and one of the reasons I love this brand so much, is because they care about the details. The moment you receive one of these items, you’ll know that it’s a high quality piece.

On this dress, the fabric is comfortable, an the fullness of the skirt adds a feminine flair. The matching detailing on the hemline and sleeves perfectly accent the rich print on the rest of the dress, and truly makes it stand out as a unique piece of clothing.

Kate Spade is famous for ladylike silhouettes, which I love. Never will you find a piece of clothing from this brand that borders controversial. On the contrary, you will undoubtedly look polished, professional and utterly classy.

This dress is one that could easily be worn to work with its button up collar, short-sleeves, and appropriate hem length. I do consider this dress to be a “splurge” item, but think that it’s worth investing in a handful of high-quality dresses when building your adult wardrobe. These types of pieces will be with you for years because they last. No matter the occasion, you’ll always have something beautiful to wear.

You can shop all of my outfit details below, along with some other investment-worthy picks.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’re off to a great week!

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Dress: Kate Spade Floral Tile Shirtdress; Pumps: Kate Spade (posted about here); Trench Coat: J.Crew (old, current version); Bag: COACH Willis (old, available on ebay); Watch: Kate Spade; Bracelet: Kate Spade (old, current version); Earrings: J.Crew (old, similar here); Belt: J.Crew (old, similar here)


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