Inspired by: Terra McBride, Love Nothing More

Since starting my blogging journey (nearly four years ago, now), I have had opportunities to meet some truly talented and inspiring women. Atop the list is the lovely Terra McBride, the brilliance behind Love Nothing More.

I had known of Terra, mostly thanks to Instagram, before we’d ever met but, it wasn’t until she hired me to photograph outfits for her blog, that we had a formal introduction. Terra was literally one of two people who took a risk on me as a photographer–before I had any portfolio to speak of–just over a year ago. Since then–she’s undoubtedly become my favorite subject, and my most prized work has resulted from collaborations with her.

If you’ve never had an opportunity to meet this truly brilliant woman, then allow me to illustrate your first impression. As soon as Terra begins to speak, you will immediately be struck be her intelligence–she is one of the most articulate and well-spoken individuals I have ever met. But her intelligence won’t make you feel inferior, not at all. On the contrary, she has an incredibly warm and inviting personality, always trusting the creative process, truly empowering those she works with to embrace their opportunity to shine. And, a rarity among women today, you will not hear Terra put herself down. As women, it is so [unfortunately] common to focus on our flaws, and as a photographer, I experience this firsthand with many of the women I photograph. When shooting Terra, I often comment on how stunning the shots are, so beautifully natural. She’s never been one to say things like, “thanks, but no,” or, “I hate the way I look in that shot.” Instead, you can tell that she’s comfortable and confident in her skin, and that makes her all the more beautiful.

On her blog, you will note that her style is eclectic. A true style chameleon, she looks amazing in anything she wears. She’ll bounce between soft and feminine, edgy and minimal, or casual and chic without missing a beat. We’ve had several conversations about appreciating investment pieces, yet preferring to max out our 401k’s, and you’ll note that her investments are thoughtful and strategic. In her recent post on luxury shopping on a budgetshe walks you through her method for using sites like ebay to find the best deals on investment purchases. She’s a master of mixing old favorites with new trends, and has the most enviable denim, sunglasses, and shoe collections I’ve ever seen. She defies the rules on what you can and cannot wear past 29, and continues to determine her own style journey, wearing what she feels great in regardless of trends.

I have always felt an immense sense of gratitude and respect for Terra, in part for taking that risk on me–giving me a chance to let my creativity loose–but also because, through our many opportunities working together–it has become overtly apparent that she supports and gives voice to many creatives through Love Nothing More. In an industry where comparison and competition can feel like the norm, Terra has always been one to support and cheer for those she believes in–and always without expecting anything in return

So friends, below are a few of my favorite shots from our work together. For more of her coolness, head over to Love Nothing More while you drink your morning coffee and get lost in her impeccably chic sense of style.

Our first-ever outfit shoot
A personal favorite
The enviable denim collection

Minimal and chic
Family Portrait Session 2017
…more of the enviable denim collection
Soft and feminine

Her stunning home, an eclectic compilation of modern and vintage
Her high-low style mixes investment pieces with affordable trends.
Parlor Six collaboration

Always effortlessly chic, never overdone.
Luna Boutique collaboration
Luna Boutique collaboration

A rooftop dream shoot


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