Inspired by: Kristin Nichols, Cupcakes and the Cosmos

You know how awesome it is when you find a blogger that you’re totally  on board with and inspired by? That’s how I feel about Kristin Nichols, of Cupcakes and the Cosmos, who is downright killing it with her latest instagram posts.

Kristin is literally a rocket scientist–she’s attending school for her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and somehow finds the time to share a ton of completely amazing looks along the way. I met Kristin at last year’s The Blog Societies conference in Chicago and she is quite possibly the sweetest person I’ve ever met. Like, one of those people that you meet and think, wow, I need to be a nicer person because they are just that nice.

Kristin and I immediately bonded over our mutual love for J.Crew but, after scrolling through her Instagram feed, I quickly saw that she had done a capsule wardrobe. If any of you are familiar with capsule wardrobes, then you probably also know that many of them contain a very similar style: military green jackets, black and white striped t-shirts, skinny jeans, black shorts, long burnt orange cardigans, leather cognac booties and totes…you get the idea. These are all great capsules but they also all look very similar, and are generally pretty casual–which probably won’t work for you if you are someone who works in an office.

Kristin’s capsule, on the other hand, was bright and colorful and totally showed her sweet personality. I was so impressed by how well she mixed and matched every piece, and became immediately inspired by her innate sense of style. She’s a classic beauty–timeless, for sure–and when the holiday season rolled around, I just couldn’t get enough of her Instagram feed. Her holiday looks were undeniably adorable, and I immediately wanted to highlight her style on Wellesley & King.

So, with that little intro, enjoy all of these fun and festive looks from Kristin’s instagram (you can thank me later!) and, Kristin, thank you for being such a style inspiration–you’re awesome!


Photos: Noah Berg Photography

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  • I think I’ve officially developed a uniform of poncho style sweaters and skinny pants to deal with this bump. I’m going on three days in a row! 🤷🏻‍♀️ ||To shop: or the link on my instagram bio.|| #discoverunder10k #shopstylecollective #pghblogger #timelessstyle #minimalstyle #theblogissue #theblogsocieties
  • I just hear the Mean Girls line saying, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” when wearing this outfit. 😏😆 ||To shop: or the link on my instagram bio.|| #discoverunder10k #shopstylecollective #pghblogger #timelessstyle #minimalstyle #theblogissue #theblogsocieties
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  • “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” - Coco Chanel. | Hard to believe these long locks were mine only a few short months ago. And boy was change coming. #theblogsocieties #shopstylecollective #wkloveyourcloset #pittsburghblogger #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #pghfashion #pghblogger #stylebloggers
  • One more day of the workweek and I am SO ready for a night in of pizza and [caffeine-free] diet cokes. 😉 ||To shop: or the link on my instagram bio.|| #discoverunder10k #shopstylecollective #pghblogger #timelessstyle #minimalstyle #theblogissue #theblogsocieties
  • Already got myself thinking ahead to the weekend and all the fun things on the list! #halfwaythere #weekendstyle #discoverunder10k #microinfluencer

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