Inspired by: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day | Wellesley & King blog

Straw Hat: J.Crew Factory
Dress: ASOS
Black Sunnies: Nordstrom ($12!)
Red Wedge Heel: J.Crew Factory
Coleman Steel Cooler: Crate & Barrel
Grey Striped Tee: J.Crew Factory
Baseball Hat: Madewell
White Sunnies: Nordstrom
Denim Shorts: J.Crew Factory
Blue Striped Flats: J.Crew Factory
Picnic Basket: Target
Bicycle: Target

I hope you’re all gearing up for a relaxing weekend with family and friends, whether that means cooking out or going away. Whatever your plans, don’t forget to take a minute to remember and be grateful for the many men and women who have given their lives for our country.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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