The Importance of Taking Time for YOU

How many of us have found ourselves burning the candle at both ends, juggling between a full-time job and [at least] one side hustle. Saying “no” becomes a foreign concept, and you keep taking on more and more, knowing you’re fully capable of completing each of the tasks.

The problem? You start taking on so many tasks that your attention to detail starts to falter and you begin to forget little things (like what day of the week it is, or that you’re not wearing your glasses as you leave the house, hypothetically speaking…). If you’re anything like me, saying “no” is almost like accepting defeat. It can be so difficult, and can feel like failure. It’s time we realize that saying no, and taking time for ourselves and our mental well-being is totally acceptable. We are human-beings, and we need time to recharge our batteries.

Scheduling time for yourself allows you to see things with a new perspective, to become inspired by what’s around you, and to simply de-clutter your mind from the noise of everyday life. Giving yourself a break isn’t selfish, it’s actually better for you and all those around you. By taking care of yourself, you are better able to take care of those around you.

Let’s talk about three ways you can recharge your batteries by taking time for yourself.

1. Schedule a spa day

Schedule yourself a facial or a massage, and you’ll be more likely to plan around your “me” time. I’m being very specific in saying a facial or a massage (not a manicure or pedicure) because many technicians have a tendency to talk during those treatments. A facial or a massage allow you to totally shut down for an hour of time (and maybe even fall asleep); you will feel so relaxed afterwards that you’ll want to immediately schedule another appointment!

2. Read a book or listen to a podcast

This is such a simple way to take a break from your own world and dive into another. I talked about my favorite podcasts in this post, and reading a great book is equally beneficial. When I’m feeling particularly frustrated, I prefer to read a book that will, in some way, improve the aspect of my life that’s causing frustration. When there are a lot of changes happening at work, I want to read about how to best manage change. If I feel like my voice is not being heard, I read about ways that introverts can communicate more effectively. Or, choose a fictional book and totally take your mind off of whatever is causing your grief.

I have a library card for our local library, and it allows me to check out and download just about any book right to the kindle app on my iPad. Totally free way to welcome some “me” time.

3. Take a vacation (or a stay-cation)

If you can afford it, actually getting out of a town to a total change of scenery is one of the best ways to recharge. It was refreshing to visit Chicago a few weeks ago for that very reason. New places are always exciting and there is so much inspiration all around you: food, fashion, architecture. On the other hand, a change of scenery doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to a new location. Give yourself a day off and explore a new neighborhood of your own city or town. Or, stay in bed and binge watch Netflix. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s for you.

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    Nicely said! I live by the first one, and schedule monthly facials. It’s become one of the most joyful things ever!


    Posted 8.19.17 Reply