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Getting a good night’s sleep is a crucial for looking and feeling our best. (I’m realizing this even more now that we have a newborn!) Because I’m often juggling a long list of to-do’s, as I’m sure many of you are as well, I tend to have a difficult time falling asleep. There have been nights where I have laid awake, tossing and turning, for several hours before finally drifting off to sleep.

Finally, though, I have found myself with a very simple routine that has effectively allowed me several hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep. With these three small practices, I am consistently able to wake to feel rested from a good night’s sleep. (Disclaimer: there’s no such thing as feeling rested when you have a newborn in the house, so these are pre-baby tips!)

3 Steps for a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Wear a black-out sleep mask (preferably silk). If you try just one of these tips, make it this one–there’s a reason I listed it first! Wearing the sleep mask eliminates the possibility of any light, keeping your dreamland dark and preventing you from waking up prematurely. I prefer a silk version to cotton since silk doesn’t absorb your nighttime skincare products, and is gentler on delicate facial skin than cotton.
  2. Diffuse lavender essential oil. The scent of lavender is known to slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, putting your body in a relaxed state. I use one which contains a blend of lavender and citrus scents. I use a diffuser with a sleep timer and options to change the light color or turn it off completely. I’ve used other models that do not have an automatic shut-off feature and found myself constantly refilling it.
  3. Listen to an audiobook. For me, having something to listen to distracts me from letting my mind wander to other things. I am a worrier by nature, so idle time typically yields anxious thoughts and incessant list-making. I learned that listening to an audiobook–again utilizing the sleep timer feature–gives me something to focus on aside from my daily worries, and helps me to fall asleep faster. I usually set the timer for 30 minutes and rarely stay awake long enough to hear the full 30 minutes.

I’ve been following this bedtime routine for about a year, and it has truly made all the difference in allowing me to wake up feeling like I got a full night’s sleep.

What practices do you follow for getting a good night’s sleep?


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