How to Create a Super Simple DIY Vanity with a Shelf

After enlisting my husband to help install this simple DIY vanity with a shelf that was no longer being used, I now feel like getting ready each day is a mini-pampering session.

I’m used to putting on makeup and doing my hair while simultaneously fighting for mirror space in the only bathroom we have. Usually, that means using artificial light and standing uncomfortably on the cold bathroom floor, while my husband is brushing his teeth.

If this sounds like your getting-ready situation, too, then let me convince you that an old shelf and a few brackets are all you need to create your very own DIY vanity. No more fighting over the bathroom! You can now sit down and enjoy your coffee while you do your hair and makeup for whatever your day holds. I promise it’s a lovely change!

How to Create a DIY Vanity with a Shelf

What You Need to Build Your Vanity

  • A plain white shelf (I got this one from IKEA)
  • Three wall brackets and screws
  • Wall anchors (for your type of wall)
  • Drill

How to Install a DIY Vanity

This was an exterior wall for us, which meant that we were drilling into brick and needed masonry drill bits. The shelf itself wouldn’t be bearing much weight, so it wasn’t necessary to anchor it to the wall. However, since it is fairly long, we used three brackets to avoid any potential bowing.

Useful Tools for Organizing Your Vanity

Acrylic Chair

You can find these all over the place nowadays. Amazon has a plethora but it’s also worth checking out places like Wayfair and Walmart.

Round mirror

You’ll definitely need a mirror of some sort. Personally, I love the minimalist look of a simple round mirror without any ornamental decor. It looks sleek and clean with the rest of the space.

Lipstick Organizer

I have a weakness for lipsticks so I loved this extra large lipstick organizer. It’s also great for lipglosses and other lip treatments–whatever you fancy.

Basket for hair tools

For any larger items that you have, a large basket makes for a pretty catchall that also camouflages the contents. I toss my hair-dryer and brushes in there to keep them out of the way.

Curling iron holder

Even though most curling irons have a stand, I feel safer placing them on a silicone mat or holder to protect whatever surface they’re on. I liked this one in particular because it could lay flat or stand up, depending on the space it’s used in.

Makeup Brush organizer

I actually found my simple brush holder from the vase section at the Dollar Tree. I liked that it was a bit larger than many of the standard brush holders, so it fit all my brushes in one section. Any little bowl or vase will work, and you can find ones specific for makeup brushes at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or the Container Store.

Are you ready to create your own DIY vanity?

This was an easy and practical way for us to re-purpose some items we were no longer using and, trust me, we are not handy people by any means. Since this space is right next to one of our bedroom windows, I’ve enjoyed the added bonus of the natural light coming through. I highly recommend trying it out for your space!

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      Hi there! It came from IKEA, just one of their plain white shelves.

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