How I Created a Super Simple DIY Vanity

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually had a vanity space for getting ready in any place I’ve lived–growing up, in college, or either of my “grown-up” apartments. I’ve had to stand in front of the mirror of my dresser (uncomfortable), sit on the bedroom floor in front of my jewelry box (poor lighting), or stand at the bathroom sink (crowded).

That all changed a few weeks ago, when Arnie finally caved and agreed to install a custom closet system (post coming soon). Doing so freed up an extra shelf and several feet of wall space, which we transformed into my very own makeup station.

(Full disclosure: the “I” in this title is actually referencing Arnie and his brother (s/o Peter Dink), because the reality is I had nothing to do with putting this together–save for the initial idea.)

diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking


Before the new closet system, we had this shelf above a free-standing clothing rack. That shelf became the tabletop for the makeshift vanity. We hung a round mirror (previously above our bed, to be replaced by picture frames), pulled up my old acrylic desk chair, and purchased a new catchall basket for storage.


This was an exterior wall for us, which meant that we were drilling into brick and needed masonry drill bits. The shelf itself wouldn’t be bearing much weight, so it wasn’t necessary to anchor it to the wall. However, since it is fairly long, we used three brackets to avoid any potential bowing.


diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking

diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking
  diy makeup vanity-wellesley and king-@wellesleynking


This was an easy and practical way for us to re-purpose some items we were no longer using. Since this space is right next to one of our bedroom windows, I’ve enjoyed the added bonus of the natural light coming through. Plus, living in such a small apartment, it’s been great to have a dedicated vanity for getting ready instead of fighting Arnie for mirror space in the bathroom. This was undoubtedly a win-win project!

Does this inspire you to re-purpose something in your home? What else would you do with an extra shelf?

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