An Honest Review of the Toxin-Free Beauty Brand, Crunchi


The toxin-free beauty brand, Crunchi, is high performing without harmful ingredients. I was first introduced to the brand by one of their independent consultants, Kaytee Shumaker, who kindly offered to send me a care package of sample products. I was immediately impressed by both the coverage and the longevity of wear.

Why I wanted to Review a Toxin-Free Beauty Brand

What led me to try toxin-free beauty

Now, let me start by saying that clean beauty is still somewhat new to me. I first began to research the concept of toxin-free beauty when I had my daughter, Josephine. Something about having a new little baby made me want to ensure I wasn’t unknowingly introducing her to harmful products. From the small amount of research I’ve done thus far, I can say that there really is so much to learn and, to be honest, I’m not totally sure I’m on the “clean-living” bandwagon just yet–as many experts in the field argue that this is more of a marketing tactic than a health concern. Nonetheless, I gave the products a try–clean or otherwise–and I’m sharing my honest review of Crunchi makeup with you today.

Why you should do your homework too

I’d like to caveat this post by encouraging you to do your homework if you’re feeling overwhelmed by what “clean beauty” actually means. From what I can tell, there’s no standard definition out there, so brands have the liberty to define it in whatever way is convenient for them and their products. Before making any purchases, figure out what is important to you, based on your own research, and then choose what to buy from there.

honest review of crunchi makeup

Crunchi’s Toxin-Free Definition

Based on available research, to the best of our knowledge, the ingredients in these products do not contain harmful toxins. At this time there is no standardized definition for the term “toxin-free”. However, Crunchi has defined toxin-free as the following: A product is considered toxin-free if it does not contain any ingredients known to cause harm or health hazard based on available ingredient data and research. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and is free from our documented black list.

Blacklisted Ingredients

When it comes to toxic ingredients, we have researched, done our homework, and we never compromise. We want to make sure our consumers are educated on the harmful and toxic ingredients that are used in many products. We want to make it easier for you to understand and spot them. Check out our “Blacklisted Ingredients” page for more information on ingredients that you will never find in Crunchi products.

honest review of crunchi makeup
honest review of crunchi makeup

An Honest Review of Crunchi Products

As far as the performance of the products, I have tried and (spoiler alert!) LOVED these four products:

Smart Primer

I have sensitive, troubled skin. This primer is lightweight enough that it isn’t causing me to break out or react, and it helps to keep my foundation in place all day long.

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

Seriously, this foundation is amazing in terms of coverage and lasting power. I’m not usually one for a thick foundation so I apply about half of a pump to the back of my hand, and then dab it onto my cheeks, forehead, and chin before blending with a brush. The coverage is exceptional but it doesn’t feel cakey at all. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup to be honest. With the Smart Primer, this stuff is still going strong by 5:00 p.m.

Brilliant Bronzer

I really debated this product against the blush because I wanted a realistic beauty routine that I could do in no more than 10 minutes (while holding a toddler). I talked with Kayt, who agreed that bronzer could be used in lieu of blush when putting together a quick look, so I opted for this. There’s only one color option and the packaging almost reminded me of the Bare Minerals “warmth” powder that I used back in college. I apply a very light application on my cheekbones and forehead for a bit of color. The shade is just subtle enough on my skin to add dimension without looking like makeup.

Lush Lipgloss

I originally planned on purchasing the highlighter but did a hail mary at the last minute (did I just use a sports reference? Who am I? I’ve definitely been hanging around Arnie too much with this stay-home order in place). After going through my current beauty products, I realized that none of my lip products were “clean” and opted instead for lipgloss. I had sampled it in Kayt’s care package so I already knew I liked the consistency. The only thing I will say about this product is that it doesn’t have the same lasting power as the others. I find myself reapplying this throughout the day, but I’m okay with that because I like its light not-too-sticky formula.

The above four products have become part of my daily makeup routine, utilizing only clean beauty brands and products. The others I use are mascara, a setting powder, and a highlighter. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes, and most of that is because I’m doing my best to keep my toddler from taking things out of my hands along the way!


Do you have an honest review of Crunchi’s make-up?

Let me know in the comments below!

And, since I’m still new to a lot of this, please share your own favorite clean beauty brands. Tell me what you are loving and why?

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