Our Holiday Christmas Cards from Artifact Uprising

Well, the time is upon us. Hopefully you’re down to a few final gifts to wrap and are looking forward to enjoying the next few days with those you love most. Today I’m sharing the photos from our holiday session, and our cards from Artifact Uprising.

Sending cards is something that we’ve done since we first got married. It’s a tradition that I love so much, because I don’t think we get enough good old-fashioned mail anymore. For most of us, it’s exciting to receive a letter that isn’t a bill or junk mail.

I chose to use Artifact Uprising this year because I love the quality of their prints. I have ordered several gifts from them in the past, including this beautiful wooden calendar and these square prints, which I have hanging on my desk at work. Each card or print comes on a beautiful, thick card stock that is really sturdy. I used them last year in my holiday gift wrap, and used them in again this year, this time in the 3.25″ size as gift tags. I appreciate the minimal designs, allowing the photo to be the focal point.


Our holiday photos were taken by my dear friend, Tabitha, at Adliv Collective – truly the best around.


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