His & Hers: Winter Berry

I talked about my favorite fall color back in this post and warned you that it wouldn’t be your last time seeing it. Today’s post is a ‘His and Hers’ take on this flattering fall color, and shows you that it works equally well for both men and women.


maroon collar wool coat

One thing you’ll never see Arnie and I doing is wearing matching outfits, but for more formal events, like weddings and maybe the occasional date night, we will opt for partially-coordinated outfits.  Our date night this weekend to Täkō in downtown Pittsburgh was a great time to do so.  Because this past weekend provided us Pittsburghers with our first taste of winter weather, I needed to wear something stylish, slightly dressy, and, most of all, warm.

maroon collar wool coat

The Tahari wrap coat–besides being one of my favorite fall colors–can be styled several different ways depending on the weather and certainly stood up to the test in the wind and snow.  The oversized shawl collar can be used to really bundle up snugly.

maroon collar wool coatmens plaid sport coat

Using the coat as my focal piece, I selected a tie for Arnie that is the same color and paired it with his blue plaid sport coat.  The color matching between Arnie’s tie and my coat isn’t so overwhelming as to scream on-the-nose coordination, but provides a subtle connection between our outfits. My philosophy when it comes to matching your outfit with your significant other is that you want the match to be noticeable, but not obvious.  Tying together your outfits using accessories or same-color-different-pattern pieces usually does the trick.

mens plaid sport coatmens plaid sport coat burgundy tie

How do you guys feel about coordinating or matching your outfits with your significant other? Do you have a favorite way to do so?



On Lauren: Coat (comes in 5 different colors)| Shoes | Bag
On Arnie: Sport Coat | Tie | Pants | Shoes

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