Super Easy Halloween Treat Bags for Toddlers

Are you the mom of a toddler? If so, then you know that Halloween probably means a ton of candy that your little one can’t eat, and trying to explain to them why they can’t have it. Or, if they attend daycare or preschool, then you probably need a creative Halloween treat that doesn’t involve candy. If that sounds like your situation, then these super easy Halloween treat bags for toddlers are for you!

Halloween Treat Bags for Toddlers

When it comes to daycare treats, I am not the mom who ties up the cute little bags with special ribbon and a little rhyme about what’s in the bag. But, give me a paper bag and a magic marker, and I can make it look like I actually tried. True story, last year for Halloween, we legitimately sent 1 granola bar per kid–no bags, no labels, no cute Trick-or-Treat sayings. When my daughter came home from school that day, treat bag overflowing with custom made candy, treats, and toys, I quickly realized that I was the delinquent mom in school.

Now, I’ll be honest, I kind of like setting the bar low when it comes to this stuff. I think that our kids’ worlds are out of control in so many ways–everything needing to be perfect all the time. I grew up in a father-only home, so all these cutsie “mom touches” were missing from my childhood. That said, I don’t want to be the mom who does everything for their kid, who makes everything perfect for their own personal fulfillment instead of giving their kid a chance to make something on their own.

That aside, my oldest daughter is two so I ultimately have to do most of these things at this age, but these super easy Halloween treat bags are ideal for having even a two-year old help with. She can easily stuff all of the bags with the treats, and help to apply the tape onto each treat bag. (The hardest part is really just keeping her attention long enough to complete all of the bags.)

Easy Decorating Ideas for Halloween Treat Bags

What You Need
  • Plain paper bags (white or brown work)
  • Permanent marker
  • Washi tape
  • Bat cutouts, optional

These treat bags are easy as can be; you can put 10 bags together in 10 minutes, tops. My secret weapon for dressing up a simple paper or plastic bag is this black and white washi tape. It makes everything look special without putting in any effort.

Halloween is the perfect holiday for imperfect decorating–hence these scribbled “trick or treat” bags. Grab a permanent maker and quickly write on the front of your bag. Honestly, the messier the better–these do not have to look “pretty”.

If you want, you can also attach a little bat cutout to the corner of the bags for an added element of fun. Totally unnecessary, you do whatever you have time to do!

Snack Ideas for Toddlers

When it comes to toddler treats, I do try my hardest to avoid anything with a ton of added sugar–anything beyond 8g of added sugar. This can be tough but it’s doable. Besides that, you just want to find a snack that is appropriate for the ages of all of the kids in the classroom. My toddler attends school with children ages 18 months to 3 years, so that is a pretty broad range. I like to add something like a pouch that is easy to eat for the youngest of kids, and then some sort of finger food–like cheddar bunnies or veggie chips.

Non-Food Toddler Treat Ideas

I’m always appreciative when parents choose something other than food treats, too. There’s always so much candy this time of year, and little toys are great for providing enough entertainment for some independent playtime when mom or dad need a break. My toddler loves stickers, and she played with this spider ring for a few days when these came in.

Don’t Forget About Trick or Treat Night!

If you live in a neighborhood where you know there are other little ones, consider having a separate selection of treats for toddlers and big kids. That way they can enjoy some of their own trick-or-treat goodies too (and then we parents won’t be “forced” to eat all the candy. 😉 )

What are you putting in your Halloween Treat Bags for Toddlers this year?

I’d love to know what you love (or hate) to find in your toddlers treat bags. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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